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Capital Projects Roadmap Element #8 “User Acceptance of Mobile IT” Project

AUSTIN, TX, June 17, 2008 - End user acceptance of technology has been identified by both COMIT and FIATECH as a critical factor affecting the success and failure of mobile IT projects. Both organizations are seeking to better understand how to effectively overcome user-centered barriers to successfully implementing technology related  to usability, training and change management.

Back in 2007, as part of this learning process, FIATECH asked the COMIT organization, based in the UK, to pull together knowledge relating to end user acceptance of mobile IT contained within existing COMIT case studies, and other related work. This project has three phases.

This report was presented to FIATECH members in the fall of 2007. It comprised a summary of ‘lessons learned’ in relation to introducing mobile IT to the UK construction industry. The document outlined, via a series of action points, the main lessons that have been learned from experiences within COMIT and other related work.

The report was well received and FIATECH has proposed to extend this research further and  provide funds to enable COMIT to continue work in this area.

The next phase is to validate the earlier research by asking FIATECH members to participate by formally reviewing the initial report and comment upon its finding based upon their own experiences with the implementation of similar projects.

  • Have you been involved in the implementation of Mobile IT (or similar) systems in your organizations and would you be willing to share you experiences with the research team?
  • Would you be willing to study the COMIT report in more detail and comment upon its findings?
  • Are any of “lessons learned” contained within the report useful to you? Are they validated by your own experience and knowledge?

All this feedback will be documented and will include a facilitated workshop to be held at the FIATECH annual members meeting later this year. The deliverable of this phase will be the re-issuing of the initial report modified to include all the feedback received.