Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

New Materials & Methods Summary


Capturing the universe of new things is a herculean task. Therefore to establish and grow the base of knowledge, categories for information to be tracked will be defined and periodically evaluated. These broad categories of interest will then be populated with information from the collective intelligence of Fiatech members and recognized industry experts.

All Fiatech members can and should request information for a specific body of knowledge at any time.

This base of information can be filled with other members' experiences, research for background on the topic, invited speakers for real time learning on a topic and other emerging methods. When a lack of experience/research/application is obvious, a process can be setup to launch a Fiatech project to explore the unanswered question.

Listed below are just some ideas for categories to gather information:

Smart materials and components/assemblies, smart grid, reconfigurable materials, visualization, model-driven construction systems, engineering for automated construction, new connection technologies and methodologies, standardized construction components, low-impact site prep, improved joining, zero temporary structures, nanomaterial's, biomimetics, legacy integration and emulation technologies, robotics, Web 2.0, sustainability, eLearning, mobile and wireless, structural health management, human-computer interface, safety and security


Establish Fiatech as the organization that is the knowledge base for information, research and contacts in the capital projects industry. The vision is realized by the continuous creation and capture of knowledge through hands-on projects, webcasts, conferences and other tools.

Benefits and Opportunities

What if you could easily find the latest information, experiences and research on materials, methods, products and equipment? How useful would it be to have the ability to tap into a network of experts to answer a question that you can't easily Google an answer? Would you like to find a list of all the suppliers for a specific product? After reviewing the list, would you be interested in getting advice, field experience and collaborating with others to find the best solution for you? How do you keep current on all the emerging new things happening in the industry?

The value of information, trends and collaboration is a core value of Fiatech for its members. This element of the Roadmap provides the basis to discover, define, document and deliver information on new materials, methods, products and equipment.


Identify the software, process and tools to gather, capture, measure, secure, collaborate and refresh information related to the capital projects industry trends and innovations.

Establish a collection of experts who assist in identifying trends, processes and emerging technologies. Implement a process to regularly capture this knowledge and measure its value. Create a forecasting system that helps predict the industry adoption (Delphi method?).

Leverage and learn from tools and techniques based on Web 2.0 to collaborate, document, organize and secure information. Explore options to monetize the value of the information.