Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

2016 Recipients

Simon Huffeteau

Simon Huffeteau, Energy Process & Utilities Senior Director,3DS/Dassault Systems, is among our most active members – in the words of one-staff member, he is everywhere. Simon is Co-Chair of the Fiatech Regulatory Streamlining Productivity Advancement Target Team and active member of the Change Readiness and combined Interactive Project Planning and Integrated Project Management Teams. This past year he served as a member of the Fiatech CETI Awards Jury. Simon is also a valued member of the Fiatech Board, where he is known for his thoughtful questions and comments. When Simon has something to say, I always know to listen carefully as his words well considered and represent members at large. In recognition of Mr.Huffeteau’s selfless and significant contributions to Fiatech, we are pleased to present this STAR award.

Ken Frye

Ken Frye, Business Consultant Siemens PLM Software, Inc. has been a strong participant and leader for Fiatech. His name and contributions are mentioned at almost every staff meeting. Ken is active on several Fiatech PAT teams including Interactive Project Planning and Integrated Project Management. He is Chair of the Fiatech Change Readiness Productivity Advancement Target Team where he has provided important continuity among staff transitions. As chair, Ken has moved the team forward through his insightful and practical leadership. His hands-on role as an agent of change in his work has carried over to Fiatech, leading the Team to make significant progress in shaping change readiness enablers and assessments-critical items for the industry’s success at sustained adoption. In recognition of Mr. Frye’s outstanding contributions to Fiatech, we are pleased to present this STAR Award.

Rebecca Ward

Throughout the last few years, Rebecca Ward, Vice President of Strategic Partners with AVEVA has provided a strong voice and steady leadership for Fiatech in multiple capacities. Rebecca has served as a member of the Fiatech Board of Advisors and has been an active participant in 5 of Productivity Advancement Teams. Ms. Ward also identified colleagues at AVEVA to participate on 3 other PAT Teams. As an active member of the Fiatech Joint Membership/Strategic Direction Committee she assisted in the development and execution of our Membership outreach Campaigns and continued in the same role at this year’s Conference. In addition to so many other aspects of assistance, Rebecca also served as a member of this year’s Fiatech CETI Award Jury and was this evening’s Mistress of Ceremonies for that program. In recognition of her outstanding contributions to Fiatech we are pleased to present this STAR Award.

Jim Purvis

Jim Purvis, Director of Digital Enterprise for Advisian/Worley Parsons, is Board Chair for Fiatech and will announce the Porter Award winner. Jim doesn’t know this, but we are also proud to honor him with a STAR award. Jim is notable for his deep technical knowledge and business acumen, a rare combination. He is well suited to provided leadership to Fiatech – his work is broadly recognized by fellow Board members and Fiatech staff. As Board Chair, Jim’s steady leadership and council have been invaluable to the organization. He has worked selflessly hosting meetings, facilitating conversations, and laying out an agenda for Fiatech as we move forward with our projects and work towards closer ties with CII. This past year has been a very active time for the Board and Jim has provided extraordinary guidance. In recognition of Jim’s selfless and outstanding contributions to Fiatech, we are pleased to present him this STAR Award.

2015 Recipients

Colin Muirhead

Colin Muirhead, Business Analyst, Shell Global Solutions, has become an outspoken leader among members at Fiatech. He serves on the advisory committee for the Mobile IT Community of Interest which features frequent global subject matter experts via webinars. Colin also facilitates high visibility workshops at Fiatech events including the Construction and Advanced Works Packaging workshop (CAWP) at the 2015 Leadership Forum. The take-aways from that workshop included indicators which have become vital to the Productivity Advancement Initiative.


Deb McNeil

Deborah McNeil, Project Productivity Program Manager, Dow Chemical, is a Change Agent. She was the catalyst for adjusting Fiatech’s approach to providing performance improvements to the capital projects industry.  Deb challenged and helped cultivate Productivity Advancement Targets (PATs), performing the critical cost avoidance analysis that allowed the PATs to be expressed economic terms. The PATs when fully realized, can provide cost savings in excess of 24% and a reduction in cycle time of up to 10%. Deb has also led numerous valuable Fiatech webinars and Voice of the Owner sessions.


Eric Crivella

Eric Crivella, Industry Sales Director, Bentley Systems has consistently demonstrated a passion for work processes and provided thought leadership in supporting Advanced Work Packaging over the past 15 years, beginning with the original advancements of WorkFace Planning.  His commitment and active involvement has been instrumental in driving the structure of Advance Work Packaging, designation of Advance Work Packaging as a CII best practice by Research Team 319, and accelerated reduction to practice in the industry, where cost reductions of over 15% have been consistently demonstrated.  Within Fiatech, Eric identified and advocated the need for detailed Information Mapping to further strengthen the viability of Advance Work Packaging. 


Dr. Fernanda Leite

Dr. Fernanda Leite, Professor for the Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, has been an active participant and supporter of several Fiatech projects over the past four years. In 2012-13 Dr. Leite oversaw the work of graduate student Li Wang to the Fiatech AutoCodes Project in the research and writing of a major report analyzing the status of all Building Information Modeling (BIM) guidelines and standards around the globe. The report, “An Overview of Existing Standards and Guidelines: A Report to the Fiatech AutoCodes Project.” has become the base industry document in its field. In 2014, in support of the implementation of the Fiatech Strategic Plan, Dr. Leite took on the role of Co-Chair of the Horizon-360 Team, developing and maintaining a mechanism for scanning the global economy to identify, track, and evaluate game changing and incremental technologies and processes which may have potential benefit to the construction and capital facilities industries.   


Nelia Mazula

Actively involved in Fiatech for the past five years, Nelia Mazula, Senior Executive Consultant, Dassault Systemes, has brought enthusiasm and keen insight to several Fiatech projects and activities. In 2014, she helped develop a project to address business concerns of capital facility owners across the globe in the area of applying 3D Virtual Reality technology to building operations.   Ms. Mazula recognized that Owner/ Operators are leveraging 3D design information to develop 3D virtual experiences.  This is an important leap to the future for a variety of reasons including; resource constraints, increased regulation and increasingly complex asset allocation and production processes.  Nelia is transforming the project including the expansion of its project team and identifying funding sources. Most recently, following up on discussions at the Fiatech Leadership Forum held in Glendale, Arizona last fall, Ms. Mazula is working with Fiatech staff to develop an outreach program to develop the next generation of leaders within Fiatech member companies.  


Ron Sattan

Ron Sattan, Vice President, Mott MacDonald, has been actively involved in Fiatech over the past two years.  In 2014, in support of the Three-Year Strategic Plan, Ron became Co-Chair of the Fiatech Horizon-360 Team.   Comprised equally of industry and academic members, the team develops and maintains a mechanism for scanning the global economy to identify, track and evaluate game changing and incremental technologies and processes with potential benefit to the construction and capital facilities industries.   The H-360 Team also identifies potential Fiatech projects based on those technologies and processes.   Ron has led several presentations at Fiatech events, including the Technology Conference and Leadership Forum.


Judy Veatch

Judy Veatch, Project Systems Manager, Black & Veatch, has been a strong advocate for Fiatech, providing evaluation, input, and guidance. Judy’s focus has been primarily on Interoperability and Lifecycle Information Management activities. She has helped Fiatech focus on improved definition of work process changes and the values delivered. This past year, Judy supported development of the Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Computing Initiative and hosted a workshop identifying over 40 potential applications of cognitive computing. At the 2016 Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase, Judy led the Regulatory Streamlining Breakout Session and the Horizon-360 Session on bringing cognitive computing to the construction industry.


Target Corporation

Target Corporation has been a leader in Fiatech for the General Buildings Market Segment. Target has led many initiatives and projects that have produced high value benefits to Fiatech Members and the capital projects industry. They have led the Project Management Roadmap Element with strong, consistent, effective leadership for the Regulatory Streamlining Initiative. These efforts have made substantial progress in advancing industry practices. Examples include Guidelines for Replicable Building reviews, Digital Signatures, AutoCodes Proof of Concept, the Research Report on BIM Guidelines, and the AutoCodes Modeling Matrix. Target has provided significant resources commitments to advance these initiatives. They provided funding, committed people to advance projects, and devoted Target resources to build communications and promotion materials. Target produced the promotional Autocodes video and facilitated vital industry relationships including buildingSMARTalliance and the International Code Council (ICC) resulting in a Memorandum of Understanding essential to advancing the Autocodes project. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, National Fire Protection Association, and American Institute of Architects are also part of this extended network. From Target Corporation:

  • Steve Makredesserves on the Fiatech Board of Advisors, Membership Committee, and as Board Liaison for the Project Management Roadmap Element. Steve is a past Co-Chair for the Technology Conference and has sponsored presentations at Fiatech events.
  • Tom Phillipshas been a co-champion for the Project Management Roadmap Element and co-lead for the Regulatory Streamlining Initiative. Tom has been a lead for projects advanced through the Regulatory Streamlining Initiative and key for advancing the Autocodes Project.
  • Steve Wolf, formerly of Target, contributed to the AutoCodes Modeling Matrix and made several presentations on AutoCodes including the AIA Annual Convention in Atlanta in 2015, as well as state and national gatherings of the American Institute of Architects.


2014 Recipients

Jim Kinter

With tireless energy and insight, Jim Kinter chaired the Fiatech Strategic Plan Strategy One Vision Implementation Team. Conducting monthly work sessions, the team succeeded in carrying out the charge of developing and establishing the Fiatech Horizon -360 Team to create a mechanism through which Fiatech can constantly scan the horizon across all segments of the global economy looking for incremental and game changing technologies and processes which may aid in the greater effectiveness and efficiency of the Capital Facilities industry and the life cycle of buildings. Jim has continued to provide leadership into 2015 as a member of the Fiatech Strategic Direction Committee and as an official advisor for the Technology Conference & Showcase. You may recognize his name from social media sites, as his posts in the Fiatech streams highlight innovations practically the instant they hit the global newswire. 

Barbara Migl

Barbara Migl has contributed across nearly all aspects of Fiatech and demonstrated the value and relevance of Fiatech projects and activities widely within her company.  For the past two years, Barbara has chaired the Fiatech CETI Awards Jury, leading the arduous process of reviewing nominations from around the globe and selecting game-changing honorees from a record-breaking volume of submittals. As a participant, she helped direct meeting project deliverables and at the leadership level, she became the Roadmap Champion for Information Management. Barbara planned and led numerous sessions at the Technology Conference & Showcase, as well as at the highly interactive Membership Meeting, now known as the Leadership Forum.

Scott Bell

Scott has lead his company’s involvement in the Fiatech game changing AutoCodes Project which completed phase two  by developing a matrix for development of BIM which can be reviewed for building code compliance for access and egress provisions.  Scott also participated in the U.S. Local Codes in the Cloud Project and supported work on the Best Practices Guide of Digital Signatures.  At Fiatech’s leadership level, Scott is a member of the Fiatech Board of Advisors, active leader on the Fiatech Membership Committee, and Board Liaison to the Fiatech Roadmap Element for Project Management.

William (Bill) O'Brien

Bill’s leadership at Fiatech stems back to its formative years and even contributed to the development of the official Tech Roadmap, a consensus vision for the capital projects industry and a unifying initiative to achieve the vision. The value he has contributed by incorporating exemplary graduate students and post-docs into Fiatech, like Fernando Mondragon, Li Wang and Justin Howe, are more than worthy of award recognition. Bill is a Roadmap leader with Gary and has actively supported projects including Real Time Field Reporting and Integrated Material Management. Bill is a member of the Board of Advisors and Board Liaison for the Workforce Roadmap Element. Additionally, Bill supported the Strategic Direction Committee and is currently on the Projects Committee. Bill’s leadership shapes Fiatech on such a regular basis that it’s impossible to imagine a day without this tremendous advisor.

Derek Murray

As Membership Committee leadership volunteer, Derek has led the way for improving the orientation process for new members by matching colleagues by skill set to Fiatech Roadmap Elements, ensuring that his organization receives the full gamut of benefits that Fiatech provides. He also took the lead on creating a new member toolkit and the adoption of a site for streamlined committee communications. Derek is an active member of the Fiatech Strategy One Vision Implementation Team, and has helped grow the Horizon-360 group, which maintains the Future Scan Matrix on emerging technologies, by recruiting colleague Ron Sattan, of Hatch Mott MacDonald, to serve as co-chair. Derek joined Fiatech’s leadership level first in 2014 as a CETI Awards Jury member and has since become a member of the esteemed Board of Advisors.

Martin Swaine

Over the last year, Martin Swaine has contributed significant leadership and advocacy to Fiatech as a project lead and 'Executive Sponsor' of Fiatech’s Phase 1 Advanced Work Packaging Information Mapping (AIM) project.  Martin has been instrumental in raising industry awareness and motivating advancement of the tools and practices necessary for the realization of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP).  This industry initiative has shown to significantly increase capital project productivity performance by reducing TIC by over 10%.  To further advance this important initiative in 2015, Martin will be driving the Fiatech's AIM phase 2 project.  Among other things, this project will identify and develop linkages necessary to fully achieve Integrated Materials Management.  This additional awareness will enable more effective material flow streamlining and proactive workface planning.

Jennifer Garfield

Jen has led Fiatech efforts in numerous roles including the Fiatech Strategic Direction Committee and the Strategy One Implementation Team. Jen helped shape the Future Scan Matrix which is at the heart of the Horizon 360 Team efforts to provide Fiatech with a dynamic mechanism to scan and track, from across the global economy, game changing and incremental technologies and processes which can strengthen the capital facilities industry and improve the life cycle of buildings. Jen has been active in the Reference Data Library (RDL) Advancement Initiative, participating in the RLD Workshop as well as in the RDL Forum at Fiatech Member’s Meeting. Jen has helped identify top priorities and actively participates in the ongoing work of the RDL Advancement Group.