Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

2013 Recipients

Dan Bulley

Dan Bulley, Senior Vice President of the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) of Chicago, has worked in every facet of the industry. While his degree in Mechanical Engineering enables him to be an effective resource on code and technical matters, he enjoys the broader range of skills and experience the MCA has provided him. He enjoys "ferreting out" the latest industry trends, promoting implementation of new technologies and industry advancements, and has authored numerous articles in the industry. He has served on the Fiatech Membership Committee and Annual Conference Committee, and has been an outspoken leader from the Contractors and Field Workers perspective on capital projects.

Jim Newman

Currently assigned to AREVA's Paris, France, Headquarters, Jim manages the global deployment of design tools and systems to support AREVA's engineering projects within his team with offices in three countries and project offices in two additional countries. Jim oversees a department responsible for PLM activities within plant design projects. He represents AREVA within the Fiatech consortium, primarily to promote solutions for information interoperability. Jim has been one of the most active participants on the Membership Committee and instrumental in progress for the Information Management projectEDRC. He has led the development of the AIRE Platform developed to support multiple interoperability standards beyond ISO15926 which earned AREVA a CETI Award this evening as well. The AIRE platform is deploying ISO 15926 advancements developed in Fiatech's projects and activities. Often in high demand, Jim's assistance and support always provides thoughtful and valuable contributions.

Jerry Gipson

Jerry Gipson, retired Director of Manufacturing and Engineering Information Technology, was with The Dow Chemical Company for more than 30 years and served in technical areas as well as in management. Jerry has been a strategic leader and strong advocate in the industry as Chair, Past Chair, and active Executive Committee member of Fiatech. In 2013, he served as Chair of Fiatech's Strategic Direction Committee, leading a highly participative process with committee members and the full membership to produce a visionary Three -Year Strategic Plan for Fiatech. In 2014, he is continuing as Chair to oversee and guide the successful implementation of the strategic plan.

John Sanins

John Sanins has over 26 years of international experience in process plant design and engineering data management. His senior management responsibilities include solution strategy, product direction, and roadmap definition of plant design, analysis, and data management systems. John has been an active member of Fiatech's Board of Directors and is highly respected for his keen insights and pragmatic views. John has been one of the most active members of the Projects Committee, developing the format for project resumes to better highlight problem statements and business objectives. In addition, John led advancements for the project delivery process, including review criteria and delivery procedures..

J. Peter Blake

Peter Blake is the Director of the Project Delivery Group for Hatch Chile. He helped with the firm's initial forays into CAD implementation and global systems. During his 38 years with Hatch, his assignments have included equipment design, project engineering, and project management. Peter has provided outstanding leadership from his strong business experience and has elected to serve as Chair of the Fiatech Board of Directors for a third term. Peter is a strong believer in the opportunity for technology and innovative practices to advance productivity and efficiency for capital facilities. He has engaged within Hatch to expand participation in Fiatech, has provided guidance, and served as a funding supporter for the JORD.

Cormac Ryan

Cormac Ryan is Manager of Engineering Data Management (EDM) Americas for Worley Parsons, reporting to the Global Manager of EDM. Every organization has leaders that make the impossible achievable. The industry calls them "rock stars" and Cormac is one such individual for Fiatech. He is a leading subject matter expert and an active participant on the Projects Committee. He provides tremendous leadership in the ISO 15926 deployment and has a key role for the OGI Pilot Project and EDRC.

Andrew Prosser

Andrew Prosser operates seemingly in stealth mode so it is not widely known that he is a key contributor to the development and deployment of industry data standard ISO 15926. Participating in Geometry SIG and ISO 15926 Information Models and Mapping projects, as well as HEED keeps him quite busy. Attendees of the Fiatech 2013 Member's Meeting came to know Andy as a subject matter expert with a relaxed approach as he lead the delivery of several outstanding presentations.

Ming Lu

Ming Lu, Associate Professor at the University of Alberta in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is widely known for research, development, and implementation of simplified and integrated solutions. His research has produced a simplified simulation platform for operations planning and resource scheduling as well as hardware-software integrated automation systems, including a tunnel boring machine tracking system for microtunneling/pipe-jacking. In 2013 Ming Lu served as a member of the Fiatech Annual Conference Committee and member of the Fiatech Strategic Direction Committee. He is now working in the Strategy 1 Implementation Work Group.

The Dow Chemical Company

 As a member of the Owner Operators Group that helped drive the formation of Fiatech in 2001, Dow Chemical became a charter member and has been an active member and leader throughout the development and evolution of this membership consortium. Dow Chemical is involved in many Fiatech projects, activities, initiatives and committees. During the award presentation, Fiatech specifically recognized outstanding industry contributions by Dow Chemical staff including:

  • Barbara Migl, Chair of the CETI Awards Program and Gala, Past Co-Chair for the Annual Conference and Co-Champion for the Information Management Roadmap Element, Lead for The Dow Chemical Company funding for the Joint Operational Reference Data Project (JORD), Industrial Challenges Workshop panel member, and frequent Presenter at Fiatech conferences and member meetings; and
  • Cameron Rezai, Board of Directors member, Strategic Direction Committee member, Annual Conference Planning Committee member, and Board Liaison for the Operations and Maintenance Roadmap Element; and
  • Rick Bell, contributor to the Fiatech Structural Steel Interoperability Project; and
  • Darryl Baron, contributor to the Fiatech Structural Steel Interoperability Project; and
  • Gregg Schuler, contributor to the Equipment Data Requirements Conformance (EDRC) Project, JORD Project and ISO 15926 Information Patterns (IIP) Project; and
  • Deb McNeil, Co-Champion for the Operations and Maintenance Roadmap Element; and
  • Roland Hancock, Jr., PCA Instrumentation Special Interest Group participant; and
  • Shanaya Averill, Member of the Mobile IT Community Interest, strong supporter of the Construction Roadmap Element activities, Co-author/ Presenter for the Fiatech presentation at the Annual CII Conference on Advancing Automation of Field Services; and
  • Jerry Gipson, retired from Dow Chemical, Past Fiatech Board of Directors Chair, Executive Committee Member, and Chair of Fiatech's Strategic Direction Committee.