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Project Deliverables

Ver. 3.04 (currently only available to Project Sponsors)


Instructions for download:

1. Download executable file and install on your computer.

2. Download PIP catalog file and place in GVCC directory created on your computer during setup.

3. When you open the ValveCatEditor.xls workbook for the first time, you will see a license dialog. Copy the site code into an e-mail and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Alar 

4. Alar will send you back a site key. {/reg}

Phase 2 deliverables include the Valve data Editor, PIP Valve Catalog in cfiXML, the Valve Matcher, and support services that delivers to sponsors the capability to rapidly and automatically cross-match their internal Valve Catalogs and technical specifications with their business collaboration partners via a common cross-match to an electronic version of the PIP Valve Catalog.

Phase 3 will consist of a web-based version of the software with a Reporting Facility, User Bulletin Board, Update Service, and a subscription service for non-sponsor companies.