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Planning Summary


Develop a data and technology framework for the comprehensive and predictive modeling of a capital delivery project life cycle, in order to proactively optimize design, project delivery methodology, procurement and handover based on facility operation & maintenance requirements before project delivery work stages begin. This framework will allow for direct integration to, and continuous feedback from, subsequent project delivery life cycle stages in order to enable iterative life cycle modeling, as well as comparison to initial project plans.


The long-term vision for SbPP is to foster the development of a SbPP modeling solution with direct integration to other life cycle solutions to support Fiatech's mission to integrate the full capital asset life cycle.

Benefits and Opportunities

The potential benefits of a functional predictive modeling solution based on desired facility operational parameters are significant to owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers alike:

  • pre-delivery decision exploration and optimization (e.g. procurement, etc.);
  • clear communication of desired outcome across stakeholders;
  • clearly defined common metrics for success to deliver against;
  • continuous and consistent understanding of current delivery stage versus desired outcome;
  • iterative feedback loop to update and optimize delivery plan in response to changing conditions.

The underlying benefit of Scenario-based Project Planning is the delivery of capital facilities in the closest possible accordance with the intended owner's business plan.


The goal for SbPP is to create the data and technology framework upon which a comprehensive and predictive scenario-based project planning solution can be built, conforming to the full interoperability requirements pursued by FIATECH.

Scenario Based Project Planning goals are:

  1. Research, compile and develop minimum data requirements across capital asset project delivery use-cases for scenario and predictive project modeling and planning.
  2. Research and map out all relevant data streams across the capital asset project delivery and operation and maintenance life cycle for subsequent consumption or iterative review.
  3. Research and develop an effective technology framework as a foundation platform (based on an interoperability framework for integration to data streams from all relevant elements of the Roadmap) for the development of Scenario-based Project Planning solutions.
  4. Research, compile and disseminate effective modeling and planning business processes and techniques in support of Scenario-based Project Planning.
  5. Enable and motivate suppliers to adapt or build an effective Scenario-based Project Planning solution.