Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

Member Benefits

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Member Participation Plan

Project Teams, Work Groups, and Communities of Interest

Any individual, from any Fiatech member company, may participate in any active Fiatech project, PAT work group, or community of interest.

Anti-Trust Protection

As a research consortium, Fiatech makes collaboration – even among perceived competitors – not only a possibility, but a desired activity. Working together, contributing toward a common goal – these are avenues for sharing ideas, points of view, and for arriving at creative solutions. Fiatech provides the forum (anti-trust protection) for these meetings, something not easily accomplished in most industry associations and groups.

Leveraged Funding

Fiatech pools the monetary contributions of member organizations with additional sources of funding, including those from Federal, state, and private resources. In this way, the value of an individual organization's investment in Fiatech is maximized. Leveraged resources to solve critical technology problems result in quicker development and deployment.

Competitive Edge

Members participating in Fiatech projects have the opportunity to access new technology as soon as it is available. This not only can impact operations and bottom-line results of a capital facility, but offers the possibility of a first-to-market competitive advantage.

Leadership Initiatives and Productivity Advancement Targets

Recognizing the need for systematically approaching productivity improvement opportunities, Fiatech members are driving 8 initiatives with 12 Productivity Advancement Targets (PATs). When fully realized, these PATs provide a cost savings in excess of 24% and a reduction in cycle time of up to 10%.


Fiatech hosts one-hour webinars to showcase CETI award-winning innovative project technologies and processes, to share the latest productivity improvement developments, and to feature all-inclusive Fiatech members’ solutions.

Leadership Forum

The annual forum, exclusively for members, is hosted each fall by Fiatech. The first half of the meeting consists of plenary sessions, presentations, and panel discussions highlighting member achievements and project deliverables. In the second half, Fiatech project teams, work groups, and additional committees meet. All-inclusive members are recognized as a sponsors at this event.he annual Member Meeting, exclusively for members, is held each fall by Fiatech. The first half of the meeting consists plenary sessions, presentations, and panel discussions highlighting member achievements and project deliverables. In the second half, Roadmap teams and other Fiatech project teams meet. All-inclusive members are recognized as a sponsor of this event.

Annual Technology Conference and Showcase

Fiatech hosts its Annual Technology Conference and Showcase each spring. The conference includes keynote speakers, plenary sessions, breakout sessions, award presentations, and technology exhibits and demonstrations. All-inclusive members are recognized as base sponsors for the conference and showcase. In addition, they are provided with a complimentary exhibit space as well as one complimentary conference registration.

Project Deliverables

Fiatech members identify and develop the organization's ongoing and future project work. Members also participate in active Fiatech projects. In addition, Fiatech members have access to any and all past project deliverables that have been completed.

Equal Voice and Vote

All Fiatech members are equal, regardless of size or industry/sector origin. No associate or second-tier membership categories exist within Fiatech.

Knowledgebase of Technical Experts

Participation in Fiatech projects provides opportunities to share knowledge and gain access to leading edge concepts and experts. Fiatech members come from all parts of the capital projects industry: owners, operators, contractors, universities, software developers, and suppliers. Importantly, all member company employees may participate in Fiatech activities.

Networking and Team Building

Meeting others, networking, sharing ideas in a collaborative environment, team building: these types of intrinsic benefits are difficult for an industry organization to offer. Fiatech, however, provides just that. And there's more: technology benefiting all involved, camaraderie, knowledge sharing, allowing all employees of members to actively participate: these are the hard-to-find-elsewhere benefits of membership in Fiatech.


The competition for time and resources among trade groups, professional associations, and technical organizations can be overwhelming. In contrast, Fiatech keeps activities highly focused and strictly on technologies — from integrated software solutions to the latest in automatic sensing tools. The results provide significant life cycle cost reductions and improved efficiency in delivery, operation, and maintenance. Fiatech always focuses on its goal: deliver to its members the highest business value throughout the life cycle of all types of capital projects.