Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

2008 Member's Meeting

 General Session Presentations


Message from the FIATECH Chairman of the Board of Advisors
Tom Hannigan, President, Industrial Services, Zachry

Sensor Networks for Linking Virtual and Real Worlds
Joseph Paradiso, Ph.D.
Responsive Environments Group, MIT Media Lab

Experiences in Driving Interoperability in a Global Delivery Environment
Ray Topping, Executive Vice President, CH2MHILL

Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainability for Infrastructure & the Built Environment
Sarah Slaughter, Ph.D., Sloan Sustainable Business Lab, MIT

Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Update
Gary Barnes, Bechtel

2009 New Project Proposals
Neill Pawsey, FIATECH

ISO 15926: Realizing Open Information Interoperability
Robin Benjamins, Bechtel; Ian Glendinning, DnV; Andrew McBrien, AspenTech; Onno Paap, Fluor; Phil Robins, AVEVA


Excellence in Asset Information Management: What is it? What is it Worth
Andy Chatha, ARC Advisory Group

Pushing the Frontier A Team Effort (89MB)
(Short Seismic Video)
Spiro Pollalis, Ph.D., Professor of Design, Technology and Management, Harvard Design School

Project Lightning Rounds
Ric Jackson, Ph.D., Director, FIATECH


Leveraging World Wide Web Standards
Ralph R. Swick, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Leveraging Technology to Improve Construction Productivity
Carlos H. Caldas, Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin