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2009 Recipient

voeller-best-photoJohn G. Voeller

John Voeller is the third recipient of the James B. Porter, Jr., Award for Technology Leadership. His broad understanding of technology, his reputation as a visionary with regard to the challenges in the industry, and his encouragement to seize the opportunities at hand have been enormously valuable to Fiatech.

He has been recognized as "Man of the Year" by ENR. He has been named one of the top 100 chief information officers in the U.S., and has invented medical devices. He is an engineer's engineer.

After 9/11, Voeller was invited to serve as an ASME White House Fellow at the Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) in the Executive Office of the President. He went from knowing almost nothing about government to providing input, guidance, and solutions on national policy and direction.

Voeller served to shape the vision for the data-centric power plant informational and visualization technologies upon which Fiatech was founded. His work, much of it long before the emergence of the internet represents some of the best in integrated, multi-discipline engineering analysis, design, and modeling. All in Fiatech see John Voeller as a man of brilliance, creativity, and imagination.

Colleague's Quotes

“John Voeller has been an inspiring mentor over the last several years. In my position as a market researcher, he has taught me to move beyond the conventional use of data and focus on using data to get meaningful and actionable results that impact the way business is done. He has unlimited patience with new professionals; taking the time to teach the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’.”

Hilary Berndt
Manager of Market Research and Analysis,
Black & Veatch

“Oliver Wendell Holmes once observed that ‘man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.’ Accepting this as true, then John Voeller is responsible for the expansion of the minds of legions in industry, technology, and science. His creativity, innovation, and service to the capital construction industry are emblematic of what FIATECH represents and strives to promote.”

Tom Hannigan
President, Industrial Services Group, Zachry

“I first met John at a CII conference shortly after CII created FIATECH and hired me as the first director.  Some of the members of the CII launch team for FIATECH arranged for John and me to have breakfast and advised me to listen to what John had to say with ‘big ears,’ so as to be ready to absorb a lot of information. I had no idea what they meant, but soon did. That breakfast meeting lasted 2 ½ hours and I still have the notes from it. I’ve since had many other such conversations with John, all of them in the ‘big ears’ mode. John has been a strong supporter of FIATECH and a wise and considerate advisor in all areas of technology and the politics of progress with respect to technology. He’s served on our board, spoken at our conferences, attended Roadmap and project meetings, and challenged us in many ways, all with tact, vision and determination to help FIATECH and the industry. I’ve never met anyone with as broad an understanding of technology as John, nor anyone so visionary with regard to the challenges we face in this industry and the opportunities we have.  Having him on our side has been enormously valuable to FIATECH and I am grateful for all his support and advice.”

Ric Jackson, Ph.D.
Director, FIATECH

"John Voeller is a global visionary in strategic technology direction. His leadership continues to chart the pathway to the most business effective solutions for a wide range of critical industrial and societal needs.”

James B. Porter, Jr.
Chief Engineer and Vice President Engineering & Operations, DuPont (retired)

“As a true industry visionary, John is a valuable resource when planning the strategic direction of the company. As an ASME White House Fellow or industry thought leader, John provides clear insight into the very complex business of global infrastructure. Many in our industry talk about being thought leaders or visionaries, John is one.”
Rodger E. Smith
President of Management Consulting Division,
Black & Veatch

“John Voeller has been a ‘Thought Leader’ when it comes to technology and to the development of FIATECH. We are thankful for his contributions over the past decades, his leadership in our industry, as well as within Black & Veatch.”

William Van Dyke
President of Federal Services Division,
Black & Veatch

“From the first time I met John Voeller many years ago, he has been a strong role model in my own personal quest for keeping at the leading edge of existing and emerging technologies, which could affect in any way the capital projects industry. I have integrated into the curriculum of the highly multidisciplinary course I teach on creativity and innovation many of the lessons I have learned from him over the years, and as a result, his visionary legacy will be carried on by the next generation of professionals from a diverse range of fields.”

Jorge Vanegas, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University

“John is a true visionary. He served to shape the vision for the data-centric power plant informational and visualization technologies upon which today’s BIM, ISO 15926, and FIATECH are founded. Created in the early 1980s, long before the Internet and relational database management systems, Black & Veatch’s POWRTRAK remains today as one of only a handful of integrated, multi-discipline engineering analysis, design, and modeling applications. This serves as a testament t John’s brilliance, creativity, and imagination.”

Brad Vaughan
Chief Information Officer,
Black & Veatch

“John Voeller was one of my heroes as a young engineer at Black & Veatch. He thinks so deeply about such a broad range of topics. His ideas are often ahead of their time, but I have a sense that hardware, software, common data and common business processes are converging to accomplish at least a portion of what he’s been talking about for the past three decades.”
Judy Veatch
Manager of Project Systems,
Black & Veatch