Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

2008 Recipient


K. Keith Roe

Keith Roe is the second recipient of the James B. Porter, Jr., Award for Technology Leadership. His vision and his personal commitment were key factors in Fiatech's successful launch. His leadership, within his company, within the industry, and in the formulation and development of Fiatech, exemplifies shared success and continuously improving performance. He is a most deserving recipient of the prestigious award.

Roe is chairman, president, and CEO of Burns and Roe Group, Inc. He has full responsibility for all operations and administration of this international engineering and construction company. He is founding co-chair of the Board of Advisors of Fiatech. He also is a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and currently serves on the ASME Board of Governors. He is also a member of the National Academy of Construction (NAC) and is a registered professional engineer. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Princeton University and a master's in nuclear engineering from MIT.

Colleague's Quotes

"Keith Roe's vision and his personal commitment to it becoming a reality were the key factors in FIATECH’s successful launch and its growth into a global leader in the development and deployment of the most business effective capital project technology."

James B. Porter, Jr.,
Chief Engineer & VP, Engineering & Operations, Dupont (retired)

"From its inception as an idea within the CII Breakthrough Strategy Committee, Keith Roe has clearly seen the vision of FIATECH, the promise of its goals and the benefits resulting from their realization.  He has been a unswerving leader in ensuring that FIATECH progressed from its foundling stages to the mature and influential organization it is today and has been a tireless advocate of FIATECH within our own organization, with our clients and in the markets we serve.”

Reginald Gagliardo
Senior Vice President, Burns & Roe

"Simply said, Keith Roe is a Leader in the truest sense. Within his company, across industry, and in the formulation and development of FIATECH, Keith has promoted and facilitated a vision of shared success and continuously improving performance. As confirmed by all who know and have worked with Keith, we would not be where we are today without the benefit of his vision, drive, and commitment."

Jerry Gipson
Director, Engineering Solutions Technology Center, Dow Chemical

“General Colin Powell once observed that ‘leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.’ Keith Roe exemplifies just that – he has provided critical leadership that has enriched and nourished FIATECH, enabling our organization to accomplish more, and in less time, than was deemed realistic by most. Keith’s quiet persistence coupled with a strong strategic vision directed the course of FIATECH during its formative years and helped make it into a guiding force in the engineering and construction industry. The seeds of innovation and applied technology that Keith helped to sow and nurture through FIATECH are now bearing fruit to the benefit of the capital projects industry.”

Tom Hannigan
President, Zachry Industrial Services

“We are very grateful to see the efforts of industry leaders like Keith Roe in support of open industry standards. Thank You! ”

Patrick Holcomb
Executive Vice President, Intergraph PPM

“What does Keith mean to FIATECH? Quite simply, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Keith. Keith was part of the original CII Breakthrough Strategy Committee that identified FIAPP as a critical issue for the industry. He was part of the same team that argued for a new approach to FIAPP and the continued development of a CII strategy on FIAPP.  He was a member of the BSC group that investigated other industry approaches to integration and automation, like SEMATECH, and convinced CII to create a new organization focused on deployment of new technology, just as other industries had. He was part of the team that connected the words “FIAPP” and “SEMATECH” and produced the name for this new organization: “FIATECH.” He helped develop the vision, mission and business model for FIATECH. He helped convince CII to provide seed funding for it, and was a member of the CII team created to launch it. He was also part of the interview team that selected me as FIATECH’s first Director and he served as a member of the FIATECH Board of Directors for seven years helping to guide us through the difficult start-up stages, the establishment and growth stages, and the expansion stages of our development. He guided us through all this with a firm commitment to the original ideals that he and his colleagues had when they created FIATECH, and has been unwavering in supporting our organization. FIATECH’s success is a testament to the accuracy of his vision and his tenacity in achieving that vision for the industry.”

Dr. Richard H.F. Jackson
Director, FIATECH

“Keith is one of the key individuals who provided the inspiration for FAITECH to become the recognized leading organization for advancing Capital Project Delivery. Keith consistently provided visionary leadership for FIATECH to drive us forward to greater achievements while building alliances and collaboration across the range of capital project stakeholders. Keith’s commitment, dedication and vision has been a model for all of us as he led FIATECH's advancement from a start up concept to the high visibility, influential and value-driven organization that it is today.”

Ray Topping
Executive Vice President, CH2M HILL

“As the academic member of the FIATECH Board of Directors, I have always valued Keith Roe as a professional, and more importantly as a person. He creates a welcoming environment based on inclusiveness of diverse points of view, and on thoughtful, measured, and consensus building commentaries on any issue discussed. I have learned much from him, and hope to emulate in my academic world, what he clearly provides in the professional world. When I can learn from someone, as I have learned from him, I know I am in the presence of a great person. Thank you Keith!”

Dr. Jorge Vanegas
Interim Dean, School of Architecture, Texas A&M University

"In the early days of the CII Breakthrough Strategy Committee (before FIATECH was even conceived), Keith Roe as Co-chair inspired and led the newly formed committee from a group of loosely affiliated individuals into a cohesive team excited by the challenge they were presented and convinced they could improve the construction execution model. Much of the enthusiasm that developed within the BSC, which led to the idea and then the formation of FIATECH, can be attributed to Keith's leadership and his conviction that breakthroughs were possible and waiting to be identified."

Zac Zimmerman
Vice President of Construction, Burns & Roe