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2007 Recipient

porterJames B. Porter, Jr.

James B. Porter, Jr. is the first recipient of the Fiatech award name in his honor. He has been instrumental and inspirational in helping establish Fiatech. The Jim Porter, Jr. Award honors his dedication, initiative, and leadership in the capital facilities industry.

Porter is chief engineer and vice president, safety, health, environment, and engineering for DuPont. He joined the company in 1966. Steadily progressing through the company in the 1970s, he became manager of investment engineering in 1981. With the restructuring of DuPont Engineering in 1990, Porter became director, engineering operations. With several executive positions following, he was named vice president of engineering in1996 and vice president of engineering and operations in 1999. He assumed his present position in 2004.

He is a past chair of the Construction Industry Institute (CII). CII selected him to receive its highest honor, the Carroll H. Dunn Award of Excellence, in 2004. Fiatech is proud to honor Jim Porter with its own highest honor, the Jim Porter, Jr. Award.

Colleague's Quotes

"We at DuPont offer our warmest congratulations to Jim Porter on receiving the Award for Technology Leadership. Jim is known throughout DuPont for championing technical and engineering innovation, realizing his vision of a global engineering competency, and dedicating himself to promoting diversity in every organization he has led. He is a true gentleman, an insightful leader, and an astute businessman. Congratulations, Jim, on this well-deserved recognition!"

Chad Holliday
Chairman & CEO, DuPont

"Jim Porter is a long time friend and colleague whom I respect and admire. His appreciation of when and where to apply leading edge technology has enabled DuPont and the construction industry to remain competitive and productive in these times of global change. But in addition to the construction arena, Jim also had the insight to realize that through technology and engineering leadership companies like DuPont can take the scientific discoveries and breakthroughs coming from our laboratories and R&D facilities and transform them into commercial products that impact the world. Congratulations Jim, for this honor. You’ve been a friend, mentor, coach, and trusted colleague and truly deserve this recognition."

Uma Chowdhry
Senior Vice President - Chief Science and Technology Officer, DuPont

"It has been a pleasure to a member of the organization where Jim Porter is vice president and chief engineer. I have always admired Jim for being approachable, creating an inclusive organization and for his remarkable ability to say the right thing at the right time. Thanks Jim, for your leadership and for making DuPont Engineering the organization that it is today."

Carol Amos
Technology Manager - Process Engineering, DuPont Engineering

"Jim Porter is one of the very few true leaders I have known in my career. Jim has the wisdom to gather around him people who will support and trust him completely and then he lets them do what they do best, knowing that they have his best interests in mind at all times, personally and professionally. Jim has been an incredible role model in many arenas--single father, corporate executive, industry leader, community supporter, forward thinker, enabler of (sometimes farout) dreams!!! I am honored to have had the opportunity to work for such a fine person."

Carol Arnold
DuPont Engineering

"Jim Porter was instrumental in kicking off a Smithsonian-wide push to improve our safety performance. At my request, Jim came to us in Washington and, before a crowd of well over 400 of my folks, gave a stirring talk on why safety is important to individual people and those who care about them, both on and off the job. He put his perspective into very human terms and based on the reaction, his remarks struck a chord."

Bru Brubaker
Director of Facilities Engineering and Operations, Smithsonian Institution

"I have known Jim Porter for 35 years. Jim is:

  • A person who can talk knowledgeably about any subject you wish to discuss at any time off the top of his head. It could be a discussion about “quarks and quasars,” world economy, or UT basketball. He knows everything about all things and can eloquently express his views at a moment’s notice.
  • A DuPont Champion of our Core Values: Safety and Health, Environmental Stewardship, Highest Ethical Behavior, and Respect for People.
  • A person who is sincerely interested in YOU and will always treat you fairly and compassionately.
  • A person who has had great influence in the global process industries.
  • One of the hardest working DuPont Executives. Regardless of where his location is globally, he will respond to your email within 24 hours, frequently responding at 1:00 am.
  • A person who is always approachable, never smug or pompous, always just “Jim.”

One of my favorite Jim Porter quotes when asked about casual dress at work (he always wears a suit) is, “We don’t work in a casual business.”"

Jehu Burton
Project Manager, DuPont Engineering

"Outstanding leaders, to me, light people’s faces up. When I speak to the many DuPont friends and colleagues I have, to a person as they speak of Jim Porter their face lights up. I have only had the privilege to work with Jim as part of CII for a little over a year but in this short time I observe huge integrity, great pride in and respect for the people who work for him and a very approachable willing to help guy. Jim is an outstanding leader."

Wayne A. Crew
Director, Construction Industry Institute

"Jim exemplifies the ‘complete package’ of what we need in our leaders today. He puts people first, he keeps core values in front of everyone, and he creates an environment where his leadership team can consistently make decisions that benefit the shareholder and society at large."

Tim Desmond
Strategic Planning Manager, DuPont Engineering

"My sincerest congratulations to Jim Porter for being honored by his industry peers. Jim gave me the opportunity to lead the DuPont engineering organization responsible for capital projects. Jim always gave me the latitude to do my job and gave me support when I asked for it. He is a true leader and well deserving of this honor."

Drew McCullin
Former DuPont Engineering Director - Capital Asset Productivity

"DuPont and Fluor have always maintained a strong relationship and Jim has been a key person in that relationship for as long as I can remember. I regard my time working on DuPont projects as great opportunities that contributed to my personal career growth. It has been exciting to work with Jim and see his visionary ideas move forward through the FIATECH organization. He has set the bar high and established a legacy many of us can only hope to aspire to. Best wishes for all of your future endeavors Jim."

John McQuary
Vice President, Knowledge Management and Technology Strategies, Fluor

"Congratulations, Jim, on this recognition from your peers and colleagues. Your colleagues in DuPont Engineering are thrilled that you are being recognized for your leadership and your vision of technical excellence in the construction industry. Your impact has been far-reaching and has made a difference especially through your interactions with so many influential leaders in industry. You are truly deserving of this honor! On a personal note, I have valued and enjoyed knowing you, working with you, and learning from you. I appreciate all that you have shared of your many career experiences, your knowledge of the construction industry, and the insights you’ve gained leading a global technical and engineering organization. Its been a privilege to be part of your DuPont Engineering senior leadership team. Your legacy is a more collaborative industry."

Jocelyn Scott
Vice President, DuPont Engineering

"Jim Porter is a role model for all of us. His concern for people, his personal work ethic, and his ability to empower his organization embody the definition of “Leader”. Working  for him has been the highlight of my career with DuPont. I’ve learned from him, and often ask myself “How would Jim handle this?” when confronted with a new or challenging situation. Congratulations, Jim!"

Fred Strolle
Marketing & Communications Manager, DuPont Engineering

"Jim has been involved in FIATECH from the very beginning, when it was a gleam in the eye of CII. He has been one of our strongest and wisest supporters: helping us while he was a member of the CII Executive Board during our difficult formative years, and later guiding us thorough the growth and expansion years as a member of the FIATECH Board. Throughout that time, I have been privileged and truly honored to have been able to call on him at anytime, and on any day, for advice, guidance, support, or just to help get something fixed. He has always been there, no matter the time or the day. He would respond within hours to any call or email from wherever in the world he might have been. There is, of course, no way to determine if we would have been successful in constructing this outstanding organization if he hadn’t been there, but I can say this: it would have been a heck of a lot harder without him. Jim is the consummate leader, visionary, executive, and mentor. He knows just what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and when not to say anything at all. He knows how to move companies, industries, organizations, and people to action. I often quote him in my speeches and in my own personal interactions. One of my favorite “Jimisms” is “Your job is, in a legal, moral, ethical, safe, and sustainable way, to make as much money for this company as you possibly can and as quickly as you can.” It’s glib and humorous, but if you think about it, it is extraordinarily sage advice. Jim is smart, bright, well-educated, well-read, well-connected, and can hold forth on just about any topic one might raise in conversation. He has a great sense of humor, has a bag full of stories from which to draw during a conversation, and even looks the part of an executive and visionary. But perhaps his most endearing quality, above all else, is his simple decency. Jim cares. He cares about the industry. He cares about science and technology. He cares about DuPont. He cares about the organizations he has helped create and foster. But most of all he cares about people. You can see that in the way he talks, advises, guides, and mentors. You can see that in the way he leads and the way people follow him. And you can see that in the way he gives performance reviews, and I’ve had a bunch from him. It’s been said by others wiser than I that the true measure of one’s life is the people that one has touched and the way that they are bettered by having known you. This, it is said, is one’s legacy, and there is no other legacy that matters. By this measure, Jim is an extraordinary man, and it is by this measure and for this reason, that we in FIATECH have created this award and named it after him. We are all bettered by having known him. "

Ric Jackson
Director, FIATECH