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Information Integration & Interoperability Software Providers Meeting The Challenge

AUSTIN, TX, October 15, 2009--Software providers demonstrated successful exchange of intelligent engineering data between their systems using ISO 15926 dictionary compliant XML exchange files.


Historically, users have been unable to reap the full benefit of information technology in engineering because of incompatibilities of proprietary data formats and the consequent inability to easily pass data through the design life cycle. ISO 15926 was established in 2003 as a standard for information interoperability, specifically to eliminate the historic difficulties.

The Journey

A FIATECH workshop was held in April 2008 to address this issue. Delegates from the world’s leading process plant engineering software providers committed to implement and deliver ISO 15926 compliant software interfaces with the workshop concluding:

Software Providers: “It is time to commit to deliver"

Users: “It is time to commit to adopt”

One of the efforts resulting from the work shop evolved into the Proteus project. One of the initial objectives of this project is to exchange intelligent Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) and 3D models between competing software providers using ISO 15926.

At the April 2009 FIATECH Technology Conference:

  • Software providers demonstrated production-quality ISO 15926 interfaces
  • P&IDs were exchanged between the various proprietary intelligent P&ID systems, comprising equipment, nozzles, piping connectivity and topology, and all data about the equipment and pipes that is typically represented in a production-quality P&ID, together with the graphical layout of the P&ID
  • 3D models were also exchanged between various proprietary intelligent 3D systems, comprising equipment, piping and structural data and 3D geometry.

Jehu Burton, Project Engineering Manager of DuPont Engineering commented, "DuPont is very pleased with the progress that has been made implementing ISO 15926 data integration technologies. We are fast approaching a neutral data integration environment that will promote broad-based interoperability of engineering systems and tools."

The data sets exchanged comprised P&IDs and 3D models typical of engineering practice and complexity, and were unmodified from originals developed as part of live engineering projects.

Ric Jackson, the Director of FIATECH summarized, “the Proteus project has achieved what no other standards-based project has ever done for process plant information exchange. The commitment by the software providers to collaborate and deliver information exchange between their competing systems has moved us a significant step toward our ultimate goal of enterprise wide integration. What is notable about this project is that it was conducted in direct response to the needs of the end users, and they all came together under FIATECH. ”

Here Today

Software providers have been actively involved in the evolution of ISO 15926 throughout its history. This is the first time that they have implemented the standard in scalable exchange interfaces intended for use on live projects that will be made available in out-of-the-box product. From the outset, the project focused on addressing high-value business needs, defined by users of the software.

While there is much more to accomplish in order to achieve complete information integration and interoperability (which are the focus of additional FIATECH efforts), FIATECH is excited that the member software providers have risen to the challenge and are delivering these interfaces as part of their products. The industry can now engage with the software providers to gain major business benefits today for capital projects. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director, FIATECH.