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Related Industry Research

ISO 15926 and the ADI Project

The AEX project and its deliverables are complementary to the emerging process industry life cycle data integration standard, ISO 15926. The AEX project is focused on enabling interoperability across the equipment supply chains and the software applications used for equipment design, selection, procurement and installation. The AEX project is working with FIATECH's ADI project to ensure that the information requirements for equipment and system handover, operations and maintenance are supported by the evolving library of templates and reference data for ISO 15926. The RDL Input Team investigates the available versions of the ISO 15926 Reference Data Library (RDL), provides comments and recommendations for improving the RDL information for engineered equipment and makes changes to the AEX XML schemas to improve the alignment with RDL. The AEX project plans to continue collaborating with ADI and ISO 15926.


The AEX project produces object information models for equipment that largely complements the work of the emerging International Alliance for Interoperability - Industry Foundation Classes (IAI-IFC standards) for building information models. NIST completed a research study that documented a semantic mapping between the IAI-IFC schemas and the AEX centrifugal pump schemas. The AEX project also has a long-standing cooperative relationship with ASHRAE to cooperate in the development of equipment information models for HVAC equipment, which will ultimately be useful for building information models. The AEX project is committed to continue working with IAI and ASHRAE to promote harmonized industry standards for equipment.