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Harmonizing Industry Standards to Exchange Equipment Data (HEED)

The objective of this initiative is to demonstrate the use of electronic data exchange (EDE) using an actual mechanical system and equipment use case between EDE-compliant software products. The use case is based on a closed loop, heat transfer, liquid circulating (CHL) system. It involves the representation of a centrifugal pump, a motor operated valve, a heat exchanger, a control system, and piping.

This project will focus on the pump, valve, and a limited examination of the heat exchanger. The exchange of technical data will utilize data models from ISO 15926, AEX, and the Hydraulic Institute EDE 50.7 standard (HI 50.7). Each of these activities endeavours to facilitate the efficient exchange of capital facility engineering data in electronic format. Differences exist, however, in the methods and the level of specificity of each activity. Both AEX and HI 50.7, for example, use the cfiXML schema architecture and share the same principles and methods.


The primary benefit will be a demonstration of methods that provide well-defined target data sets and ISO 15926 templates with which to develop, test, and deploy software interfaces. These interfaces will enable interoperability and collaborative performance of engineering tasks for design, selection, testing, and operation of the subject CHL system.


Interested Fiatech members may engage in the project (1) to define and oversee the approach and work of the contractor and (2) to provide input to the deliverables. A kick-off web meeting is planned for Aug 28, 2012 – see announcement: Kick-off Meeting and Request for Input on EDE for Performance and Margin Management of Equipment.

Fiatech Staff Project Manager

Faith Junghans, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Project Leads

Mark Palmer, National Institute for Standards & Technology (NIST)

Participating Companies

AVEVA, Bentley Systems, Black & Veatch, Emerson, EPRI, Fluor Corp., Hydraulic Institute, Intelliquip, MIMOSA, NIST, PIP, Siemens


• Deliverable 1: Recommendations, methods, and tools for reconciling the proposed CHL data exchange set with the data dictionaries, including lessons learned and the technical challenges encountered with managing the federated use of the dictionaries in concert with the best proven practices for achieving plug-and-play interoperability.

• Deliverable 2: Identification of any data fields or concepts specific to margin management of pumps and performance management of mechanical equipment included in CHL systems that would be unable (or particularly difficult) to be represented in the RDL using the guidelines outlined in the in AEX/ISO 15926 Harmonization Initiative report submitted to Fiatech in 2011.

• Deliverable 3: Principles and methods for implementing plug-and-play support of ISO 15926 data exchanges between software tools identified by domain experts as playing important roles in the engineering and operation of CHL systems. While ISO 15926 allows for many different technological implementations (spreadsheets, XML, SPARQL queries, and others), adopters require a proven, demonstrable, and clear technical procedure for the development of such solutions that can be integrated into current software tools.

Completion Date

Deliverables 1 and 2 March 2013, Deliverable 3 March 2014