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Fiatech Publishes Requirements Recognition for Achieving Specification Automation

Austin, TX, January 18, 2011 — Fiatech has published "Requirements Recognition for Achieving Specification Automation” as part of its Specification Automation Project. The new publication is available at here.

The Specification Automation Project is aimed at filling the interoperability gap for engineering specifications. Interoperability formats range from simple XML to ontology and semantic web representations. To date, various interoperability efforts have focused on geometry, equipment, data sheets, project deliverables, and hand-over. This particular project will lead to increases in productivity (through automation) and increases in interoperability, particularly with regard to computer aided design (CAD), building information modeling (BIM), reference data, and other business applications and workflows.

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and The Engineering Essentials Company (TEEC) are leading this Fiatech-funded project. The study was based on the premise that most engineering specifications are only available as natural language text documents that represent neither structural nor semantic content. Hence, most specification-related workflows are dependent upon manual-input processes. The results of this project will improve current manual specification-related processes and workflows by providing computerized assistance via semantically-enriched specifications. Authors of specifications will now be able to mark up specification texts and identify structural and semantic entities that are machine-interpretable.

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