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Automating Equipment Information Exchange (AEX)

NOTE: This Project is completed but associated activities are being pursued within EELCAT, an Active Project.


AEX Project Releases Schema

The AEX Team is proud to announce that the latest equipment Schema (Working Release Version 3.01) has been released to the public and is now available (see Project Deliverables).

The Schema incorporates additions and refinements to support the Hydraulic Institute draft standard data definition dictionary for BidQuote and BidRFQ for centrifugal pumps. These include extensions of seal schemas to meet the requirements defined in the standard for the procurement of pumps. In addition, centrifugal pump performance curve data structure has been updated. The Schema additions cover all data elements of the API 610 tenth edition equipment data sheet.

We have also added a new schema extension (eqHvacChiller.xssd) to describe vapor compression chillers with data covering BidQuote requirements, and have incorporated a new schema extension for air handling units into the AEX cfiXML model.

Key updates to simplify, standardize, and improve the Schema have been undertaken since the last working release. One such update is the creation of the cfiXml.xsd file which includes all Schema document files and therefore all namespaces, for more rapid Schema installation and increased performance in implementations.