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Real-Time Field Reporting Using Smart Devices (Phase 2)

Most computers today are designed for mobility, which often means construction personnel can access computers either directly in the field or while at the field office. The objective of the Real-Time Field Reporting Using Smart Devices, Phase2, is to determine the benefits of real-time field reporting using smart devices such as iPads®, Android Tablets®, smart phones, tablet PCs, and Golden-I® for a wide range of construction activities. Phase 2 focuses on the collection and distribution of BIM information in the field. Currently, Phase 2 ranges from analyzing existing field reporting tactics from paper-based information collection systems to using emerging information technologies, including smart devices and generic and industry-developed software. Phase 2 results will help both in identifying the technological needs of field personnel based on current industry standards and in developing field trials to expand the investigation of the benefits of onsite implementation of these technologies.


The premise of field reporting via computers at the project site is to accelerate the processes involved in collecting and distributing onsite and office project information, and to make this information readily available in the field. Ultimately, the use of emerging information technologies onsite will lead to more accurate and timely field reporting and provide field personnel access to the latest project information, thus facilitating immediate onsite decision making.


Those interested in participating in Phase 2 of the project should contact the Fiatech project manager or project leads listed below.

In addition, interested parties can complete the Phase 2 project survey. After completing the survey, survey participants should provide contact information at:

Fiatech Staff Project Manager

Stuart Young, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Project Leads

Ian Miskimmin, Bentley and Todd Sutton, Zachry Construction

Participating Companies

Bentley, Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT (COMIT and its members), Georgia Tech, Honeywell, Jacobs, and Zachry Construction


This project will document the current business process and compare it with the new business process developed via the implementation of field reporting. The final report will include results of a survey of Fiatech members and other construction industry personnel, metrics used during the field trials, and the results of the field trials.

Completion Date

End 2013