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FIATECH Publishes Guide on RFID Technology for Construction Industry

AUSTIN, TX, January 7, 2011 - FIATECH has published "RFID for Materials Management and Productivity Improvement," which was released and distributed to attendees at the recent FIATECH Member's Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

The construction industry is just beginning to realize the many benefits to using radio frequency identification (RFID) RFIDMaterialsManagementProductivityImprovementtechnology in the supply chain. This publication is the first comprehensive reference book to guide users through the process of accessing and mastering the requirements of RFID technology and applying it to leverage its full potential on a construction site. This concise resource is a collaborative effort, compiled from information on products from manufacturers, data from capital projects industry companies, input from experts in the RFID technology field, standards from global organizations, and contributions from academic institutions.

"The current material available for implementing RFID technology centers on the manufacturing and retail industries. The benefits and true potential of implementing this technology are virtually untapped by the construction industry because the industry as a whole has not seen the value it can provide. I see 'RFID for Materials Management and Productivity Improvement' as a concise resource for accessing the requirements, implementation, and usage of RFID on a construction job site," explains Todd Sutton, Building Division at Zachry.

Patrick King PhD, Global Electronics Strategist at Michelin adds "advanced technology, and particularly advanced automation and data collection technology, are essential for companies to stay ahead - but come with certain risks. Some risks are known and real, some are perceived and maybe even unknown. Moreover, use of RFID has been shown to save retail companies millions of dollars in asset tracking and supply chain logistics. Construction benefits could be equal or greater because whereas retail ships to an end point, construction ships and reships and reships again. To engage RFID as an emerging new tool and avoid misconceptions as well as mitigate risks, documents like this are critical."

Adding to that, Francis Rabuck, Director, Technology Research at Bentley Systems notes "this publication fills a long-term need for the construction industry and especially owners and operators. It provides both a solid background on the technology and the business viewpoint on productivity improvement. It truly is a cookbook for getting started with RFID in the supply chain for the capital projects industry."

"Overall, this book represents a great contribution to the implementation of RFID in materials management and other construction projects. It is very easy to read and very well organized," says David Grau, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at The University of Alabama, who is also now partnering with FIATECH on a new project to demonstrate the feasibility and accelerate the incorporation of passive RFID technologies in the construction industry.

Copies of the "RFID for Materials Management and Productivity Improvement" publication are available at A discounted rate is available for FIATECH members. For information on this and other RFID-related work FIATECH is engaged in, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Sharon Bickford, FIATECH Project Manager at 512-452-0835.