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Design Process Innovation
05/01/2012 - 05/01/2012 10:00am CDT - 11:00am CDT


Presented by: John Haymaker, CEO, Design Process Innovation

Reserve for this live webinar and earn 1.0 PDH

Build consensus, save time and money, make better decisions.

Design and Construction is all about making decisions. Yet AEC projects often struggle to formulate, execute, and communicate good decisions. Learn how to help your team make better decisions faster from a design process and decision-making expert with direct personal experience and examples from design and construction project management.

Learn how to build an integrated decision process model that:

  • Connects the important participants in a decision
  • Collects and defines multidisciplinary objectives
  • Weighs the importance of objectives and participants
  • Collects and communicates the options
  • Synthesizes multidisciplinary analyses
  • Calculates and communicates value to different participants
  • Reuses and automates the production and communication of decision rationale