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SMART-Hub for Site Deployment
09/27/2017 - 09/27/2017 09:00am CDT - 10:00am CDT


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This webinar will introduce Link-Connect’s solution for deploying connectivity to construction sites which offers 7 key benefits.

Where is everyone?
This question, along with several others will be answered by Graham McLean, a managing director at Link-Connect.

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Key Take Aways:

  • RIO of Assent management
  • Controls of people and property on various projects
  • 24/7 logistics support for technology deployment

Construction sites depend heavily on technology usage and therefore connectivity for site based employees, is business critical. Lead times from winning a contract to being on site are short and each project will be different with a range of issues, timescales, geographic locations etc.
To support this unpredictable business process agility is a must and the SMART-hub product and services address all of the issues construction companies face.

Graham McLean is the Managing Director at Link-Connect. He has over 10 year experience leading organizations in providing mission critical IT Infrastructure. A few significant construction site deployment experiences include the London Olympics and the Crossrail extension projects. Graham's knowledge of Network Services, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, VoIP and IT infrastructure is a value-add to the business application of construction site challenges.

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