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The Future of Mobile e-Construction
08/30/2017 - 08/30/2017 09:00am CDT - 10:00am CDT


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Learn how construction companies can minimize risk both in the field and in the office by leveraging mobile field technology to create a collaborative project environment.

You'll learn how technology can help you:

• Improve communication and efficiency in the field
• Keep project budgets and schedules in the green
• Track issues efficiently through all stages of a build
• Access up-to-date drawings and relevant project information in the field from mobile devices

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During this webinar, we’ll discuss:

• The benefits of going paperless - from mitigating risk to increasing ROI
• The challenges you may run into as you transition from paperless to digital
• Tips for making the switch as seamless and worthwhile as possible
• Collaboration across all stages of a project from Design to Build to Operations

Designers, Owners & Contractors who continue to rely on paper-based workflows will fall further and further behind. Watch this webinar to learn why you should make the switch to digital and how you can begin implementing a digital strategy today.

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