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Use of HoloLens in Construction
07/26/2017 - 07/26/2017 09:00am CDT - 10:00am CDT


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Webinar Purpose:
This webinar will provide a business case about the use of augmented reality in the construction industry, with the HoloLens headset, specifically. You will learn how to upload a 4d model into the HoloLens headset and play the animation in real scale 1 to 1 with context in the background.

This webinar will describe a complex case down in Crossrail C530 Project, which is the installation of very large and heavy precast beams over the new station new entrance. You will witness that the use of augmented reality in the construction will show the benefits in terms of logistics, health, safety and constructability.

Background/Overview of this Webinar Content:
Crossrail C530 Woolwich Project uses 4D modelling to illustrate to the workforce the construction sequence of previous installations. This visualization can help to identify potential risks to get an accurate idea about difficult operations.
We are looking to into new ways to engage our workforce and to help visualize the kind of scenario shown in this case (a series of 11 long precast beams that need to be installed over the Ticket Hall station).

Harry Parnell is the Head of Digital Project Delivery at Balfour Beatty Major Projects. Oversees land surveying and data processing as well as works with BIM, 3D and Laser Scanning.

Paco Lluna is the Design & BIM Coordinator in Balfour Beatty, currently dedicated on to the Crossrail C530 project. He is an experienced architect with 20 years of experience and is becoming a BIM and 4D model innovator
Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK Master M.A.S

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