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Fiatech 2017 Technology Showcase
02/21/2017 - 02/21/2017 10:00am CST - 11:00am CST


This webinar will provide you with an outline on why you should plan on attending the 2017 Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase and will provide you with reasons to help gain travel approval.

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Also a discussion of the challenges that our industry faces and how the use of technology and innovation platforms can help create a franchising effect which involves consolidating all data sources to create a sustainable and programmatic approach to Engineering Deliverables and Construction Execution.

The challenges of engineering and construction continue to present themselves at every corner and as an industry we have not seen the deliverable and productivity improvements recognized in other industries.

Industry forums are popular for information sharing and idea generation and the 2017 Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase is an opportunity for industry and organization participants to come together to collectively share ideas and information that will continue to improve our industry.

This webinar will provide a preview of a Franchising approach that creates a programmatic approach that consolidates data for a predictable and sustainable execution.

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Webinar Deliverables/Takeaways:

  • Reasons to attend the 2017 Fiatech Technology Showcase
  • Industry Challenges and how Technology can help
  • Franchising AWP for a sustainable future

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Presented by: Dale Adcox | Senior Construction Consultant | Bentley Systems

Dale Adcox is a subject matter expert in Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) with over nine years of experience using data automation and integration to continuously improve construction planning activities and productivity.  In his efforts as Global Planning Manager at Jacobs Engineering, he won Bentley Be Inspired awards in 2014 and 2015 for his work with automation, technology, and productivity improvements.  He is currently the Senior Construction Consultant with Bentley Systems.

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