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Fast-tracking the Most Complex of Buildings: a Healthcare Case
06/07/2016 - 06/07/2016 10:00am CDT - 11:00am CDT


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Hospitals are ecosystems of diverse functions, including laboratories, imaging units, ERs, surgery and operating, rooms, inpatient quarters, etc. This make building them one of the most complex tasks, specifically room completion systems as each set of rooms has their own furnishing and finishing requirements. This entails several sub-contractors, and coordination grows exponentially vital. King Hussein Cancer Center is a prime example with fast track requirements (3 year delivery) with increased the complexity further.
Join this webinar to find out how the large-contractor, CCC was able to fast track delivery in just 730 days! Register for this webinar, to hear representatives from CCC talk about leveraging BIM for project controls and lean concepts where improvements in safety, efficient and quality were realized.

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The webinar will focus on:
1. BIM requirement to suit project controls
2. Coordination between sub-contractors using BIM , material delivery, cost, budget and schedule
3. Lean Construction using 3D project controls


Basel Eshtewy is a civil engineer with over 28 Years of experience in construction, managing the execution of several buildings over 9 years and working as an office control engineer on mega projects for more than 10. Founding the CCC corporate office for project consulting RASO in 2007, Basel is an expert in CCC’s 50 IT applications for construction project controls. He serves as manager for all CCC project based IT divisions including infrastructure and implementations. His presentations are sure to enlighten you with his in-depth knowledge of construction work processes and flows, covering mechanical, civil, pipelines, and more. He also possesses deep theoretical and practical knowledge of Lean Construction, AWP, and Workface Planning.

Alaa Abu Rajab is a project controls engineer with 6 years’ experience in oil and gas, as well as civil projects. Alaa served as an application support engineer at the Presidential Palace Project in Abu Dhabi UAE. He also worked as automation engineer responsible for 3D visualization, certification, and handing over the document management system, cost, and estimate system.  He served as a project controls engineer for the Fiatech CETI Award-winning King Hussein Cancer Center Project and worked with “Look Ahead and Simulation” utilizing 3D planning.

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