Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.


Technology & Innovation Implementations
Entries/Award nominations in the first nine categories are focused on enhancements made in the development, delivery, and/or operations of capital projects and facilities across the lifecycle of capital assets. Projects/Individuals will need to demonstrate the relevancy to advancing Fiatech’s Capital Project Technology Roadmap.

Interested contenders will need to consider the best project or aspect of their project to enter within a single category; please keep in mind that one project or individual cannot be submitted to multiple categories.

1. Scenario-Based Project Planning
This award acknowledges a project that encompassed comprehensive and predictive scenario planning through the development of new technologies, novel applications of existing technology, and/or other innovative approaches. The project illustrates success in pre-delivery planning, iterative processes, team communication, real-time stage delivery, contingency planning, and/or other principal planning components.

2. Automated Design
This award recognizes the development of new automated design technologies or dynamic applications of existing technologies in bringing about optimal end-to-end design capability. The project reveals ground-breaking methodologies and positive outcomes as they relate to design team interface and informational exchanges; interoperability of software tools; fulfillment of preferred, required and sustainability goals; and/or other automation of complex design processes.

3. Integrated, Automated Procurement & Supply Network
This category honors vigorous advancement in the seamless integration of procurement processes with the systems of project design system, project management and control, finance, field materials management and the global supply network. Judges will be looking for new methods and/or technologies that enabled enterprises and project teams to optimize selection, delivery, and payment processes with enhanced real-time collaboration and automatic tracking capabilities, demonstrating value-added results.

4. Intelligent & Automated Construction Job Site
This keenly-contested category focuses on the intelligent and automated construction job site that significantly reduces construction time and cost, produces high-fidelity documentation of the as-built facility, diminishes errors and rework, improves safety and security and secures highly efficient supply of materials and products to the construction job site. The award will go to the project that best embodies the benefits of emerging intelligent technologiesand/or new applications that are fully-sensed and wirelessly networked to monitor compliance with cost, schedule, material placement and quality, worker pace and accuracy, technical performance, and safety.

5. Intelligent Self-Maintaining & Repairing Operational Facility
This award seeks to recognize outstanding innovation or use of intelligent facility operations and maintenancetechnologies that incorporate a comprehensive network of sensors and decision support systems. The best contender will present transformational deployment in the areas of operational status and performance;problem flagging and rapid solution delivery; trends’ tracking and analytics;and self-maintenance and repair. The best project highlights the benefit of enablingautomated flow of information to all stakeholders and demonstrates radical improvement in performance, cost-effectiveness, and/or life cycle sustainability.

6. Real-time Project & Facility Management, Coordination & Control
This category acknowledges the project that most robustlyused or developed cutting-edge technologies and approaches to share, analyze, and implement real-time project and facility management, coordination and control data. The prominent nominee implements automated design, collaborative tools, and change management systems to enhance interoperability between departments, operations teams, regulatory systems and stakeholders. The leading contender would demonstrate unique approaches insimultaneousinterface between Building Information Model (BIM) and other shared-knowledge resource technologies resulting inexceptional functionality and execution in an array of aspects relating to project and facility management, operations processes and regulatory interfaces.

7. New Materials, Methods, Products & Equipment
Materials, methods, products and equipment innovation are instrumental to the future of the capital projects industry. For this award, the jury will be looking for novel products and/or advancements made to smart materials and components/assemblies, smart grid, reconfigurable materials, visualization, model-driven construction systems, engineering for automated construction, new connection technologies and methodologies, standardized construction components, low-impact site prep, improved joining, zero temporary structures, nanomaterial's, biomimetics, legacy integration and emulation technologies, robotics, Web 2.0, sustainability, eLearning, mobile and wireless, structural health management, human-computer interface, safety and security and the like.The award will go to an organization that presents a pioneering material, method, product and/or equipment that markedly and positively impact operations, construction, environment, maintenance, and/or other aspects other capital projects and facilities industry.

8. Technology- & Knowledge-enabled Workforce
This award marksthe most successful technologies and educational tools used to assure accurate performance, provide real-time alerts, and deliver on-demand guidance and training to a capital industries’ workforce. A strong contender would demonstrate vibrant approaches to promote workforce technology adoption, assimilation, and pervasive use and/or feature a new or improved capital industry workforce-specific technology such as a wearable computer, heads-up displays, wireless communications, or smart tools/equipment. The candidate would also illustrate new workforce paradigms, craft and managerial skills-development, and/or empirical quality, efficiency and productivity benefits.

9. Life Cycle Data Management & Information Integration
The judges will be considering a project that stands out as thehallmark of outstanding lifecycle data management and information integration, centered on the delivery of the right information, at the right time, to the right place. The award will go to a project that accelerated interoperability, enabled tools integration, and motivated standard data exchange(ISO 15926) throughout the entire project life cycle. The top contender spearheads building and integrating beyond BIM.

10. Mega-Project Multi-Roadmap Element
The judges recognize truly large scale capital facilities projects which in their design and execution bring innovative practices in at least three Roadmap Elements which are described in the nine catagories above. The Mega-Project can cover any three (3) of the nine (9) categories at some point in the project's conception design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Mega Projects which would qualify would be those requiring large-scale investment (generally multi-billion US dollar equivalent) and complexity (in technical, delivery, public, social, environment or related attributes). 

Technology & Innovation Research & Development

Entries/Award nominations in these additional three categories are for individuals that have advanced technology and innovative practices for capital projects and facilities; these projects should be independently endorsed or be made by a sponsor on behalf of an individual.

11. Outstanding Student Research Project (undergrad and graduate students - as well as doctoral candidates who received their degree less than one year from submitting application)

12 Outstanding Early Career Researcher (researcher with 1-10 years in their career)

13. Outstanding Researcher (researcher with more than 10 years in their career)

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