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Imagine the Future!

Attendees of the recent 2017 Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase were able to experience a slice of the future in the interactive showcase, as well as hear from a strategic futurist proposing that “the future is closer than we think”, and a CTO who promoted disruptive thinking to solve problems.

The conference kicked off with a showcase reception chock-full of tremendous networking and many Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.

One example of a fascinating VR experience was the opportunity to walk through a larger-than-life pipe facility utilizing AVEVA's software program and the HoloLens headset. Just across the way at the Index AR booth, John Arczynski was enthusiastically demonstrating an AR app, which saves time, reduces errors and increases workplace safety all through software run on a tablet. Each booth in the Technology Showcase provided interesting and useful experiences for the attendees. Attendees were able to gain product information through Q&A, hands-on demonstrations, and case study proofs of concept.

Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to invite insightful speakers and hold workshops full of inspiring and in-depth discussions. Aconex sponsored Stéphane Cote of Bentley who opened the general session with a presentation on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) that was rich with real life application videos. The session was energizing and opened a window of thought as to how to use existing tools for the future while making the hours in the day more efficient.
InEight, Bentley, BlueCielo, AVEVA, CCT, Atlas RFID also sponsored the 2017 Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase.

Autodesk sponsored Brad Hardin of Black & Veatch who contends that when asking the correct questions, not just asking the question ‘why?’, innovation and engagement strategies will rise to the surface and deliver significant value for you personally, as well as to your company. Brad’s insights inspired a lively discussion with an abundance of questions enabling the audience to delve deeper into this idea and learn from each other.

The Fiatech Horizon 360 Team presented an industry vision of the Capital Facilities Industry in 2030 and exposed a review of changes, which will occur in the workforce. The Fiatech Productivity Advancement Target (PAT) Teams are working to facilitate next steps for moving forward.
Future projects currently under consideration are:
• Tracking Blockchain Technologies
• Wearables and IoT technologies
• Safety People Proximity Locators

The general sessions and workshops were informative and insightful resulting in conversations sparked from the presentations which encouraged connections and thought-provoking discussions throughout the event.

The time together was brief however; many “aha” moments and connections were established. These pictures say it best.

Participants left the Technology Conference energized and excited to have the opportunity to connect and learn from others in the capital projects industry.

Fiatech’s future is strong! Bill O’Brien announced a status update on the project reports and on future Fiatech events. Jim Purvis and Kenda Caskey provided details of Fiatech’s integration into CII in 2018 highlighted the many benefits associated with the integration. Fiatech is excited about the future.

If you were unable to attend the 2017 event, please plan NOW and budget to attend the 2018 Technology Conference in San Antonio, TX, March 19 – 21.
Additional details will be posted on our website soon!

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