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Capturing Equipment Data Requirements Using ISO 15926 and Assessing Conformance

Fiatech’s Capturing Equipment Data Requirements Using ISO 15926 and Assessing Conformance (EDRC) project is complete.

The EDRC Project focused on assessing requirements for testing software conformance to specified ISO 15926 data structures and capabilities. To expand the industrial takeā€up of ISO 15926 for information exchange, Fiatech sponsored the EDRC project with participation from MIMOSA and PCA.

EDRC project results include:

  • Developed a framework for ISO 15926 interoperability and includes descriptive examples and demonstrations.
  • Assessed conformance testing requirements and methods via the development of two succinct use cases, the results of which are documented as a proposed procedure for conformance specification and testing. That procedure will enable software vendors to offer conforming implementations and as well as the industry to achieve “plug and play” interoperability.

The resulting procedure, “Specifying and Assessing Conformance of ISO 15926,” has been submitted to ISO 15926 Part 10, Conformance Testing for endorsement and further development. 

Click here to read the report.

Additionally, NIST Prepared “ISO15926 CONFORMANCE TESTING RECOMMENDED APPROACHES”, that was prepared concurrently with the EDRC Project with collaboration in the work on the project reports. The NIST Report is available here.

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