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Fiatech 2014 European Summit a Success!

The 2014 Fiatech European Summit, sponsored by Siemens,
on May 29-30 was held in London at the Siemens Crystal Building.

Highlights can be best experienced by reading the stream here.

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The summit kicked off with the presentation of the Interoperability Award.
Rayan Jreije of CCC and Neill Pawsey of Crossrail presented the award to the late Adrian Laud for his inspiring leadership and support for the deployment of Information Interoperability tools to significantly enhance "Industrial Productivity, Efficiency and Information Integrity".

Summit presentations included:

Fiatech Roadmap Element 9

     Level 2 BIM update (a Gov’t Perspective) where are we now?
     Level 3 What’s coming next?
     Presented by: David Philp Mace / UK Gov’t

     EDRC Use Case 1 Conformance / Validation
     Presented by: Hondjack Dehainsala & Jean Yves George of AREVA

     Interoperability for Handover – A Crossrail Perspective
     Presented by: Neill Pawsey of Crossrail

     Working Smarter Together with Project and Solutions Architecture -
     Goals for cost savings PAS 1192
     Presented by: Glen Worral of Bentley Systems

     Practical Semantic Apps for Industrial Asset Reporting
     Presented by: David Price of Top Quadrant

Fiatech Active Projects Portfolio Review including Jord / iRING Update
Presented by: Ray Topping of Fiatech

An Overview and Outcomes from Fiatech 2014 Tech Conference & Showcase
Presented by Stuart Young of Fiatech

Discussion of Fiatech Members Meeting
Coming up on Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2014, Philadelphia, PA

Presented by: Ray Topping of Fiatech

Intro to Oculus Rift (over lunch)
by Bentley Systems

Fiatech Roadmap Element 3  

    Project Performance Indicators and Project Dashboards
    Presented by: Ray Topping of Fiatech

    Anti-counterfeiting (GMI)
    Presented by: Ray Topping of Fiatech

Fiatech Roadmap Element 5

    Self-Healing Materials - CETI Award Winner
    Presented by:Oliver Teall of Costain

Fiatech Roadmap Element 8

    Bentley Crossrail Academy - CETI Award Winner
    Presented by: Iain Miskimmin of Bentley Systems

Fiatech Roadmap Element 4

    Curtis Island - CETI Award Winner Intelligent and Automated Construction Job Site
Presented by: Christian Reilly of Bechtel

Delivering Safer, Faster Cheaper Projects in the Capex Phase and better uptime in the early years of the Opex Phase
Presented by: Martin Swaine of Shell

5Di Initiative
ADEM (Advanced Deployment of Emerging Mobile Tech)
Presented by: Rayan Jreije of CCC

AEC Hackathon and Industry Innovation Presentation
Presented by Paul Doherty of Digital Group

Outcomes from Fiatech 2014 TCS Industry Challenges Workshop - Owners / EPC’s / Vendors.
Presented by: Gary Barnes of Bechtel

Shaping the (real-time collaborative) Future Presentation
Presented by: Paul Wilkinson of PWCOM

Siemens PLM - Supporting Capital Projects
Presented by: Chris Pennington of Siemens

Fiatech Roadmap Element 2

    Casement Park Stadium Belfast -   CETI Award Winner
    Presented by :James Middling of Mott MacDonald

Horizontal Infrastructure Modelling – Geospatial
Presented by: Geoff Zeiss of Between the Poles

Improving the Efficiency of the Construction Process
Presented by: Jack Brayshaw of BRE

Mobile IT Community of Interest: An Introduction to the Community and Sub groups
Presented by: Stuart Young of Fiatech and Neill Pawsey of Crossrail

Architects for Crystal Building: An overview to Initial brief, execution and O and M
Presented by: Sebastien Ricard and Wilkinson Eyre


The full agenda may be viewed at the summit website.

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