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STAR Recipients Shine Bright at Fiatech Conference

San Antonio, TX, March 26, 2013 — Fiatech handed out its Superior Technical Achievement Recognition (STAR) Awards here at the J. W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort to12 individuals and a member company to recognize their dedication and achievements in advancing technology and innovation in the capital projects industry.

Ray Topping, Fiatech Director, noted that the award recipients are key to Fiatech’s mission. “Without the dedication shown by those honored tonight,” he said, “we couldn’t carry out our mission to advance innovation and technology in engineering and construction. Each STAR recipient is an example of going above and beyond, and we’re grateful for their involvement.”

Nicole Testa Boston, Fiatech Deputy Director, echoed Topping’s sentiments. “Fiatech is a volunteer group with global reach, and the pressure on our members to dedicate themselves outside their own professional responsibilities is tremendous. Yet those honored tonight help push us forward and keep our mission to implement technology and innovation in focus. We greatly appreciate their efforts.”

Those honored included:

Evgeniya Dmitrieva — Dmitrieva, a senior engineer with VNIIAES, the All-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation, is impressive with her enthusiasm and organizational abilities. She works with the European Advisory Council and has made significant contributions to Fiatech work involving human performance and training. Her commitment to advancement of the Roadmap exemplifies the dedication that is a model for all Fiatech participants.

John Fish — Fish, director of project support services at S&B Engineers & Contractors, consistently demonstrates a systems approach to finding solutions, a practice that leverages his extensive experience. He is the driving force on the Fiatech Expediting Equipment and Materials Selection and Acquisition (EMSA) project, where comprehensive and fully maintained product information is being made accessible on a global scale. Fish ensures a focus on providing value-driven, deployable productivity improvements.

Melissa Franco—Franco, an administrative associate at Fiatech for several years, provides input in several key areas: website, database, marketing, conferences, meetings, webinars, and human resources as well as taking on other responsibilities. She ensures that Fiatech is delivering value to its members and keeps the organization grounded and running. Her tireless work and dedicated commitment to Fiatech make her a most deserving recipient.

Robert Fuqua — Robert Fuqua, president and CEO of Atlas RFID, provided key leadership on the 2012 Conference Planning Committee. In addition to growing his own new company, Fuqua contributed a significant amount of time in identifying speakers and topics for Fiatech’s signature event. The Conference & Technology Showcase in Miami, Florida, would not have been possible without the efforts of Fuqua.

Les Girton — Les Girton, a corporate procurement manager at Bechtel, has motivated adoption of new systems and technologies such as RFID. Girton takes a holistic view of productivity improvement opportunities and quickly recognizes the interdependencies necessary to ensure effective integration into existing systems and processes. He works with the Procurement and Supply Network team to find new productivity improvement opportunities.

Leon Gorbaty and Allen Wright — The work of these two individuals has resulted in introducing Gorbaty’s schema into both the new U. S. BIM standard and the proposed ISO BIM standard. Wright recognized the potential of their collaborative work and used his employer, CH2MHILL, as a proving ground to develop Specwave®, the commercial product that resulted. Both took great risks in developing Specwave®.

Lisa Grayson — Grayson, project department program advisor with ExxonMobil, served on the Fiatech Board of Advisors and chaired the Celebrating Engineering and Technology Innovation (CETI) Awards Jury for the past two years. She did an outstanding job in leading the awards jury in identifying and gathering nominations, securing jurors, reviewing nominations, and selecting recipients.

Rayan Jreije - Rayan has been a very active participant of Fiatech and has made huge contributions. He is a repeat STAR Award recipient having received the STAR Award in 2009. His continued strong commitment and work on behalf of Fiatech this year, merits another recognition. Rayan leads automation advancement within CCC and brings that experience, business perspective and knowledge to Fiatech's activities. Rayan serves as one of the co-champions for the Information Management Roadmap. It is one of our most active Roadmap Elements, currently has the most active projects of our Roadmap Elements and has our single largest project on advancing the Joint Operational Reference Data in collaboration with PCA. Rayan works tirelessly and very productively on advancing our Information Management Projects. These projects have very active teams, have a great many issues that come forward and consequently have many discussions and dialogs on how to best move progress forward. Rayan consistently keeps the team focused on the task of advancing progress on the projects to industry useable, high business value results. Thank you Rayan for your passion, strong commitment and hard work on behalf of Fiatech.

Chehade Kassouf — Kassouf, manager of technical marking at CCT, is instrumental in delivering Fiatech’s ISO 15926 Project Information Flow (PIF) project. That work is currently focusing on piping information, from design to construction. Kassouf has 15 years of oil and gas project delivery experience and excels in understanding and applying technology. His presentations and PIF deliverables are invaluable to the deployment of ISO 15926.

Bill Muldoon —Muldoon, executive vice president for AVEVA North America, is an active member of the Fiatech Board and chairs the Membership Committee. Since joining Fiatech in 2010, he has continually demonstrated his commitment to strengthening AVEVA’s partnership with Fiatech, in North America and overseas. Bill has ensured that AVEVA is a premium sponsor for Fiatech-hosted events and works to promote Fiatech globally.

Mark Palmer — Palmer, group leader at NIST, has been involved with Fiatech since its inception and continues to lead the quest for interoperability. He has been involved many Fiatech projects, including procurement exchange standards and data handover guides. He currently leads the Harmonizing Industry Standards to Exchange Equipment Data (HEED) project and contributes to the Capturing Equipment Data Requirements Using ISO 15926 and Assessing Conformance (EDRC) project.

Hilbert Pretorius — Pretorius, senior designer at Hatch, participates on the ISO 15926 Information Patterns (IIP) project. His involvement was critical in accelerating the deliverables with his creation of the TIP Manager application. This effort has greatly improved IIP productivity in the industry at large. His work on IIP is also a contribution to the JORD project in establishing a clear set of user requirements for JORD tool needs development.

Phung Tran —Tran, a senior project manager and radiation management program lead with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), has managed numerous R&D project. She is the lead for the EPRI-Fiatech ALARA Project, 3D EDE - As Low as Reasonably Achievable Planning Tool. The project has successfully demonstrated measuring radiation at different heights within a nuclear facility.

Steve Wolf — Wolf, lead project architect at Target, has been one of the key drivers on the AutoCodes project, where he brings his BIM experience to help lead the protocol work group. Wolf also is a member of the Fiatech Regulatory Streamlining Steering Committee and serves as the AutoCodes team liaison with the UT Austin Cockrell School of Engineering.

Hatch — On the Hatch website, the company lists technologies as one of the top attributes of its organization. The company brings technology know-how to Fiatech to help advance the mission of advancing innovation and technology implementation. Hatch leadership can be seen in several Fiatech projects, including as a funding sponsor for the strategic JORD project. Hatch people bring great value to Fiatech with their knowledge and experience.