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Business leaders from Fortune 500 companies look to these University of Texas “Think Tanks” to redefine the status quo of project delivery

Friday, November 10, 2017 (Austin TX) – The Construction Industry Institute (CII) is pleased to announce the much-anticipated, favorable and unanimous vote to join forces with Fiatech. The CII Board of Advisors and Fiatech members have approved their unification in January 2018.

CII and Fiatech are “Organized Research Units” in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. They both share the mission to dramatically improve the capital projects industry with innovative thinking and collaborative approaches to research and development.

For nearly 35 years, CII has been conducting capital projects research on behalf of an impressive roster of member companies including Shell, General Motors, The Procter & Gamble Co., Anheuser-Busch, Bechtel, Jacobs, Autodesk & AECOM, to name a few. Executives from these companies collaborate with CII and academia from leading universities, making significant contributions in the areas of safety, cost and schedule improvements. Moving forward, CII’s research and development activities are shifting focus to conduct industry sector-specific R&D activity that will maximize the benefits and business outcomes of capital projects.

“One of the driving forces behind CII’s success is this keen focus on the people, processes, and technologies needed to deliver tangible business results to our industry,” said Kenda Caskey, Engineering Manager at Burns & McDonnell, and CII’s Chair of the Board. “This team of innovative member volunteers and stellar academics are pushing the boundaries to literally transform this industry -- and we recognize that technology plays in integral role in this major shift,” Caskey added.

Fiatech leads the global development and adoption of innovative practices and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life cycle of capital assets. The integration of the supply chain, the introduction of computer aided design (CAD), augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) building information modeling (BIM), and the development of mobile computing demonstrates that technology is fundamentally critical to the future success of capital projects.

“The combination of CII and Fiatech creates a projects powerhouse, bringing industry leading innovations like augmented reality, integrated software solutions and the latest in automatic sensing tools to our member portfolios,” said Jim Purvis, Digital Enterprise Director at Worley Parsons, and Chairman of the Fiatech Board of Advisors. “Our new organization will be exceptionally well-positioned for growth in the most strategic areas of next generation projects.”

Traditional reluctance to embrace innovation in this industry is slowly being overcome by the rapid emergence of relevant technology and by the introduction of policies such as the Government requirement for fully collaborative 3D building information modeling. There is also increasing potential for efficiency gains in construction processes by using mobile IT, automation, robotics, autonomous vehicles and new materials.
“I’m tremendously proud of everything CII has achieved over the last three decades,” said Dr. Stephen Mulva, Director of CII. “But the waves of change we now see in our industry are unprecedented and, to navigate this change, we must create a new organization for a new era. I truly believe that joining forces with Fiatech will prove to be a winning combination for our members and their shareholders.”
For more information, please contact: Ms. Jenny Bien, Associate Director at CII for Membership & Communications, (512) 232-3005 or by email at:

CII, based at The University of Texas at Austin, is a consortium of more than 130 leading owner, engineering-contractor, and supplier firms from both the public and private arenas. These organizations have joined together to enhance the business effectiveness and sustainability of the capital facility life cycle through CII research, related initiatives, and industry alliances. A learning organization with a wealth of knowledge and information, CII is unique in the engineering and construction industry.
Fiatech is an industry consortium that provides global leadership in identifying and accelerating the development, demonstration and deployment of fully integrated and automated technologies to deliver the highest business value throughout the life cycle of all types of capital projects. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @Fiatech.

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Come to Austin, TX October 25-26, 2017 for the Fiatech Leadership Forum.
(Click here to learn more.)

Tools to take away with you include:

  • Owner initiated change order questionnaire
  • Interactive project planning survey
  • Integrated Materials Management evaluation
  • Handover and Commissioning assessment

The handy tools gathered at the Leadership Forum will support collaborative processes within your organization to identify areas where your department can reduce costs and wasted time in many areas:

Topic discussions include:

  • Innovative Practices in:
  1. Advances Work Packaging
  2. Automated Field Data Collection
  3. Integrated Project Management
  4. Change Readiness
  • Guide to adoption & application of Advances Work Planning & Interactive Planning

  • ISO 15926 Information Models and Proteus Mapping

  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence including monitoring and reducing change orders

  • Shape future technology projects

Join us at the upcoming Leadership Forum and build your toolkit to best diagnose methods and develop Fiatech projects which will save time and money.
Register today!

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Imagine the Future!

Attendees of the recent 2017 Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase were able to experience a slice of the future in the interactive showcase, as well as hear from a strategic futurist proposing that “the future is closer than we think”, and a CTO who promoted disruptive thinking to solve problems.

The conference kicked off with a showcase reception chock-full of tremendous networking and many Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.

One example of a fascinating VR experience was the opportunity to walk through a larger-than-life pipe facility utilizing AVEVA's software program and the HoloLens headset. Just across the way at the Index AR booth, John Arczynski was enthusiastically demonstrating an AR app, which saves time, reduces errors and increases workplace safety all through software run on a tablet. Each booth in the Technology Showcase provided interesting and useful experiences for the attendees. Attendees were able to gain product information through Q&A, hands-on demonstrations, and case study proofs of concept.

Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to invite insightful speakers and hold workshops full of inspiring and in-depth discussions. Aconex sponsored Stéphane Cote of Bentley who opened the general session with a presentation on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) that was rich with real life application videos. The session was energizing and opened a window of thought as to how to use existing tools for the future while making the hours in the day more efficient.
InEight, Bentley, BlueCielo, AVEVA, CCT, Atlas RFID also sponsored the 2017 Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase.

Autodesk sponsored Brad Hardin of Black & Veatch who contends that when asking the correct questions, not just asking the question ‘why?’, innovation and engagement strategies will rise to the surface and deliver significant value for you personally, as well as to your company. Brad’s insights inspired a lively discussion with an abundance of questions enabling the audience to delve deeper into this idea and learn from each other.

The Fiatech Horizon 360 Team presented an industry vision of the Capital Facilities Industry in 2030 and exposed a review of changes, which will occur in the workforce. The Fiatech Productivity Advancement Target (PAT) Teams are working to facilitate next steps for moving forward.
Future projects currently under consideration are:
• Tracking Blockchain Technologies
• Wearables and IoT technologies
• Safety People Proximity Locators

The general sessions and workshops were informative and insightful resulting in conversations sparked from the presentations which encouraged connections and thought-provoking discussions throughout the event.

The time together was brief however; many “aha” moments and connections were established. These pictures say it best.

Participants left the Technology Conference energized and excited to have the opportunity to connect and learn from others in the capital projects industry.

Fiatech’s future is strong! Bill O’Brien announced a status update on the project reports and on future Fiatech events. Jim Purvis and Kenda Caskey provided details of Fiatech’s integration into CII in 2018 highlighted the many benefits associated with the integration. Fiatech is excited about the future.

If you were unable to attend the 2017 event, please plan NOW and budget to attend the 2018 Technology Conference in San Antonio, TX, March 19 – 21.
Additional details will be posted on our website soon!

Presentations      |      CETI Awards          |   Photos

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Activity Update from the Board Chair


Fiatech-CII Collaboration

As previously communicated, Fiatech has entered discussions with CII about closer collaboration in support of joint goals to advance the industry. The rationale driving cooperation between Fiatech and CII will strengthen Fiatech’s ability to delivery projects and bring together people, processes, and technology to enhance our industry. As technology is ever more embedded in capital projects work processes, now is the time for Fiatech and CII to collectively leverage their efforts.

Mission & Vision
Our vision: “Transforming the World's Infrastructure Delivery and Operations through Innovation.”
Our mission: “Fiatech is a global community of capital facilities stakeholders working together to drive productivity and efficiency improvements by advancing technology and innovative practices.”

Fiatech’s Mission and Vision remain unchanged and are more applicable than ever as the capital projects industry undergoes a digital revolution brought about by maturing digital skills of the workforce and increased embeddedness of technology into work processes. Fiatech welcomes the benefits that significant collaboration with CII will bring, and I can attest that the feeling is mutual with the CII leadership. 


Fiatech’s strategy to deliver our Vision and Mission has been captured in our Productivity Advancement Targets (PATs) which, collectively, have the goal to remove $300MM from every $1B in total installed costs from capital projects. This bold goal has been purposely set to challenge all participants in the process to re-evaluate their contribution and redefine what is possible. CII shares similar goals to advance the industry, and there is great opportunity to combine our efforts.

Over the course of several months, a joint CII/Fiatech working group has described a collaborative operating environment. The working group is composed of owner operators, engineering and construction firms, solution providers, and leading academics. Discussions have been productive and positive, with great excitement about the potential for leveraged investment to accomplish great things for our industry and collective membership. Current plans have been reviewed with key leaders in both groups with positive feedback. Details will be presented to the members for discussion at their respective conferences in April; a vote for formal collaboration will be conducted in October.

The Annual Technology Conference and Showcase is shaping up to be a can’t-miss event, with outstanding keynotes and a strong technology program built around our Productivity Advancement Targets (PATs). For the first time, we will hold this Conference alongside the CII Board of Advisors and Sector Committee meetings, which will ensure a greater variety of companies as well as a more diverse group of technology savvy individuals. Your participation at this event is a great opportunity to share leading technology practices and network with CII members to share industry expertise. 

Jim Purvis
Fiatech Board Chair

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Details from the board chair!

This message is an update about recent activities at Fiatech – both in collaboration with Construction Industry Institute (CII) and in furtherance of our current projects and initiatives. Fiatech is on a course to strengthen our ability to deliver projects in a timely manner while deepening our capabilities to meaningfully impact the industry. This email is meant to bring you up-to-date on our current status and path forward. The Fiatech Board of Advisors (BOA) wishes to emphasize that we are maintaining continuity of operations as we strive to achieve greater results.

Q: Fiatech and CII – Why collaborate now?
A: At the recent Fiatech Leadership Forum, the topic of stronger collaboration with CII was presented. Fiatech has been affiliated with CII since its inception but each organization operated separately. While there were many reasons for this separation at the founding of Fiatech, it is clear that there have been many missed opportunities over the years for Fiatech and CII to better collaborate. 

As technology has developed and broadened its reach into capital projects work processes, there are ever more opportunities for Fiatech and CII to coordinate their efforts for the betterment of the industry. As such, the Fiatech BOA believes collaboration is crucial for the ongoing success of Fiatech and that it will further the mission of both Fiatech and CII by accelerating results to industry.

It is important to note that CII has dramatically changed its own operating structure over the past year and now provides a stronger partner for Fiatech than in the past. CII has focused on industry sectors and each sector has identified technology related research opportunities as part of initiatives to drive improvement within their sector. The CII Board of Advisors recent meeting further affirmed the need for technology opportunities as central to driving breakthrough results for industry. Dr. Stephen Mulva, CII Director, often cites a triad of accomplishment in "People-Process-Technology", and CII and Fiatech together are poised to deliver such results.

Q: Who is developing the new governance plans for Fiatech/CII collaboration?
A: A team of six Fiatech Board members – representing two Owners, two EPCs, and two Solution Providers is meeting jointly with a similarly constituted peer group from CII and is working together to develop details of a new governance plan.

A central tenet of the working group is to maintain Fiatech’s key differentiators but gain access to the broader CII effort to leverage innovative technologies and drive productivity gains in the capital projects industry.

Q: What is the time frame for the changes?
A: Fiatech/CII are working to enact the new governance plan and associated changes over the next few months.

Q: What are the interim changes at Fiatech?
A: One result of the new governance direction is the consolidation of the Director positions and, as such, Ray Topping's service as Director of Fiatech has ended. We all wish Ray the very best and thank him for his dedication over the years.

Dr. Bill O'Brien, Professor of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, is serving as the Transition Manager for Fiatech. Many of you know Bill personally and all of you have seen Bill at our events. Bill has served in official capacities in both Fiatech and CII and has a role in University oversight of CII. There is no better person to oversee the future of Fiatech than Bill.

As part of the interim plans, we wish to stress continuity of operations on projects and initiatives. Fiatech staff are currently realigning to fully support existing initiatives. Focus is on support for current projects and Productivity Advancement Targets (PATs), as well as planning for the Annual Technology Conference & Showcase. Handover activities are largely complete and will be finalized in November.

Q: How is Fiatech operating in the interim?
A: Fiatech is continuing to operate as a separate entity from CII and is serving our existing projects and initiatives. Our funding model remains separate. We expect that a shared governance model between Fiatech and CII will necessitate some changes to our funding model going forward. However, it is reasonable to expect grandfathering of dues for 2017 and rationalization in 2018.
It is imperative that, to continue Fiatech’s mission and operations, members continue to participate with their energy and financial support through the transition.

Q: What are the tangible benefits my organization will see from closer collaboration between Fiatech and CII?
A: Looking to an end-state where Fiatech and CII members act cooperatively, we have initiated several activities that leverage the strengths of both organizations.

These include:
• Challenging and energizing the Horizon 360 team with CII member participation. This joint team has met and is moving forward. Horizon 360 is poised to become the “look ahead” arm of both Fiatech and CII.
• We are making plans to hold the 2017 Annual Technology Conference & Showcase adjoining the CII Spring Board of Advisors (all CII companies) meeting. This is an opportunity to showcase Fiatech to CII members and similarly have Fiatech members participate in CII meetings.
• The initiation of collaborative activities between Fiatech initiatives and CII research projects . This includes Fiatech support for CII’s technology related research projects, developing a joint survey between Fiatech Integrated Material Management (IMM) efforts and CII RT344 focusing on supply chain visibility.
We expect further activities around sharing PAT work with CII sector committees, and, of course, making CII knowledge resources available to Fiatech PAT teams. Additional synergistic opportunities will arise naturally with closer collaboration.

More broadly, working more closely with CII will enable us to leverage the services of a large organization, including staff and standing committees on implementation, research, and communications. Beyond deeper expertise, we are investigating opportunities for sharing staff resources to economize on operating expenses and focus resources on member projects.

Changes in governance are crucial in bringing support to projects and related initiatives such as the PATs. Not only do we want to bring more intellectual resources from CII members to support our projects, we want to ensure the best use of member funds. Current realized changes in our operating model allow us to direct more resources to support projects. Moving forward, we expect changes in our governance will free more funds for direct support of our initiatives. This will have great benefit to the organization in terms of timely and quality deliverables.

I recently had the opportunity to present on the PAT progress at the Bentley Year In Infrastructure Conference. Following my presentation I was told by a senior project executive at a global Oil and Gas company that the goals were appropriately bold and he felt that the PATs would help to galvanize positive change in the Capital Project Industry. This observation is a very significant validation of the importance and direction of Fiatech purpose and plans.

Fiatech exists to serve its members and advance the industry. As we move forward, we welcome your comments and input. You can expect more communication as we manage the transition and implement the new governance structure. We are committed to the Fiatech mission and are confident that closer collaboration with CII will enhance our ability to deliver on that mission.


Jim Purvis, Fiatech Chair

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Fiatech's Future - Stronger Together with CII

We are pleased to announce...

Fiatech was established just over 15 years ago to advance integrated systems and technology-enabled work processes for the delivery and operation of capital facilities. Fiatech was spun out of CII to accomplish this mission. At its founding, CII envisioned that the research and development (R&D) of technology for capital projects needed its own path, yet one that was complementary to the goals of CII.

Included in CII recent reorganization is the identification of technology as a key lever in capital project efficiency. To fully engage the CII project and members in technology CII’s Executive Committee and Director and Fiatech’s Board agreed to much more closely integrate the two organizations, while allowing Fiatech to continue to operate in a model best suited to technology research and adoption.

This closer cooperation is expected to positively benefit both organizations and bolster Fiatech’s technology R&D mission and assure its financial sustainability.

Representatives from CII’s Executive Committee and Fiatech’s Board of Advisors met in Houston at the end of last week to begin reforming Fiatech. Agreement was reached regarding an enhanced level of collaboration between CII and Fiatech that is aligned with both organizations. The group believes that a new model of collaboration will bring added value to members of both CII and Fiatech by accelerating implementation and improving business results. We expect to work quickly to develop details of a shared governance plan. As the work of this group reaches further definition, additional details regarding the vision, governance and expected deliverables from Fiatech and CII will be communicated with the membership of each organization.

An immediate consequence of our choice of a new path forward is the elimination of the Fiatech Director position that was held by Ray Topping for the past six years. We acknowledge Ray’s contribution to Fiatech and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. The new governance plan will include provisions for strong leadership for Fiatech. In the short-term, activities managed by Ray have been assigned to the Director of CII. Dr. Bill O’Brien from the University of Texas has been appointed Transition Manager to assure the continuity of Fiatech’s operations while helping to position the organization for the future. Bill has been a long-standing participant in both Fiatech and CII and is well positioned to help foster collaborative activities across the organizations.

CII, Fiatech and PIP collectively advance research, development, and standards for the capital projects industry. We believe that improvements are gained by focusing on the people, processes, and technologies needed to deliver business results. Our formula for success has always depended on having great member volunteers, stellar leadership, and empowered staff. During Fiatech’s reorganization over the next few months to a more collaborative structure with CII, we want to hear your ideas, comments, and input. We are here to serve each of you, so contact us with anything you’d like to discuss or any questions that you may have.


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Join Leading Global Experts in Productivity Advancement



Join Leading Global Experts in Productivity Advancement in New Orleans This September!

Fiatech’s 2016 Leadership Forum provides insights into productivity improvements, workshops on technology advancements, and discussionson leading practices with global subject matter experts. The program features keynote presentations from Owners, the latest perspective on the construction labor market from CURT, and:
  • An Emerging Technologies Workshop with review of new and emerging technologies in engineering, procurement, and construction with a focus on benefits realized.
  • Advancing the benefits of BIM and process plant information management through handover and operations.
  • Lessons learned from companies on identifying, initiating, accepting, and sustaining the implementation of mobile technologies.

Great news!

The early bird registration rate is still available, so reserve your spot today!

Learn More!

Visit to see who is attending, view the agenda, check out the awesome venue, read past attendee reviews, and complete registration.

Questions? Eva Leos at
and 512.471.7005.



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BuiltWorlds Features Fiatech Productivity Advancement


Fiatech train BW feature

      by REG HUNTERSenior Program Director, Fiatech | May 12, 2016

      Click HERE to view the full feature.

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