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RFID Access Control System International Case Studies

Two case studies by CCC will define the high-level needs and benefits of implementing an access control solution for construction sites in general and the Middle East area in specific to satisfy project management requirements and to meet client's expectations in reliable control of personnel access to a site and daily attendance of the site workforce.


The benefit will be improvements in tracking and controlling attendance and access to project sites through the use of RFID technology. This will ensure that valid and accurate work hours of each employee are registered in the project's timekeeping software system.


The case studies have concluded and the final report is being prepared. No further participation is needed at this time.

Fiatech Staff Project Manager

Neill Pawsey, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Project Lead

Firaz Hijazi, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)

Participating Companies

Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)


A technical report will contain documentation of the main functionalities of the proposed solution using RFID technology, as well as provide a summary and details of the project.

Completion Date

Late 2011